Borean Strider

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Borean Strider
Borean Strider.png
Type Boss
Environment Rain – Snow Biome
AI Type Borean Strider AI
Damage 55 / 110
Max Life 7250 / 8000
Defense 10 / 15
KB Resist 100%
Borean Strider
Borean Strider (Popped).png
Type Enemy
Damage 55 / 110
Max Life 9000 / 11500
Defense 20
KB Resist 100%
Coins 3 Gold Coin.png 25 Silver Coin.png
Item (Quantity) Rate
Glacial Sting.png Glacial Sting
Glacier.png Glacier
Borean Fang Staff.png Borean Fang Staff
Freeze Ray.png Freeze Ray
The Cryo-Fang.png The Cryo-Fang
Tundra Lord's Crash Helmet.png Tundra Lord's Crash Helmet
Borean Strider Trophy.png Borean Strider Trophy
Treasure Bag (Borean Strider).png Treasure Bag (Borean Strider)
• in Expert Mode only

"An eight legged menace is prowling the tundra..."

The Borean Strider is a surface snow biome Hardmode boss that spawns during Hardmode Blizzards. It drops one of its five weapons when defeated and has its own associated trophy.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Borean Striders can spawn on their own as long as the player is within a Hardmode Blizzard, but their spawn can be expedited with a Strider's Tear.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Borean Striders leap around the battle field much like slimes do, as well as unleashing various frost attacks at the player such as:

  • Upon landing after a hop, it releases a medium range shockwave that chills and damages players.
  • Shooting a high velocity icicle attack that has a chance to inflict frostburn and freeze the player on hit.
  • Releasing a wave of snow that deals moderate damage and has a chance to inflict frostburn on the player.

Summons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Condition
Borean Hopper.png Borean Hopper After its egg sack has been popped
Borean Myte.png Borean Myte

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Borean Strider bears resemblance to the artist Endling's Tundrantula and is inspired off of it.

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History[edit | edit source]

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