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For a list of all enemies with stats, see Enemy list

Enemies are characters that attempt to inflict damage on players. This page lists all enemies that can be encountered in the Thorium Mod.

There are a total of 133 enemies: 52 Pre-Hardmode, 37 Hardmode, 16 Event, 10 Bosses and 18 Bosses' servants.

Pre-Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Ancient Archer.png Ancient Archer Ancient Charger.png Ancient Charger Ancient Phalanx.png Ancient Phalanx
Army Ant.png Army Ant Barracuda.png Barracuda Biter.png Biter
Bizarre Rock Formation.png Bizarre Rock Formation Blooming Hornet.png Blooming Hornet Bone Flayer.png Bone Flayer
Clot.png Clot Coolmera.png Coolmera Copper Coin Bag Mimic.png Copper Coin Bag Mimic
Corpse Bloom.png Corpse Bloom
Corpse Petal.png Corpse Petal Darksteel Knight.png Darksteel Knight
Earthen Bat.png Earthen Bat Earthen Golem.png Earthen Golem Festering Walker.png Festering Walker
Festering Sprinter.png Festering Sprinter Flying Bio-Mass.png Flying Bio-Mass Frost Wurm.png Frost Wurm
Frozen Face.png Frozen Face Gelatinous Cube.png Gelatinous Cube Giga Clam.png Giga Clam
Gilded Bat.png Gilded Bat Gilded Slime.png Gilded Slime Gilded Worg.png Gilded Worg
Gorgan Head.png Gorgan Head Granite Eradicator.png Granite Eradicator Granite-Fused Slime.png Granite-Fused Slime
Granite Surger.png Granite Surger Hammerhead.png Hammerhead Hopping Spider.png Hopping Spider
Living Hemorrhage.png Living Hemorrhage Man o' War.png Man o' War Mahogany Ent.png Mahogany Ent
Moray.png Moray Mud Man.png Mud Man Nestling.png Nestling
Octopus.png Octopus Raging Minotaur.png Raging Minotaur Shambler.png Shambler
Silver Coin Bag Mimic.png Silver Coin Bag Mimic Sludge.png Sludge Sharp Tooth.png Sharp Tooth
Snow Ball.png Snow Ball Snow Eater.png Snow Eater Space Slime.png Space Slime
Strange Bulb.png Strange Bulb The Innocent.png The Innocent U.F.O..png U.F.O.
Wind Elemental.png Wind Elemental

Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Astro Beetle.png Astro Beetle Aquatic Hallucination.png Aquatic Hallucination Blister.png Blister
Blister Pod.png Blister Pod Chilled Cannon.png Chilled Cannon Chilled Spitter.png Chilled Spitter
Chilling Wisp.png Chilling Wisp Coldling.png Coldling Crimipede.png Crimipede
Crown of Thorns.png Crown of Thorns Dragon Hornet.png Dragon Hornet Epidermon.png Epidermon
Feeding Frenzy.png Feeding Frenzy Fleshy Hornet.png Fleshy Hornet Freezer.png Freezer
Frozen Gross.png Frozen Gross Glittering Golem.png Glittering Golem Gold Coin Bag Mimic.png Gold Coin Bag Mimic
Horrific Charger.png Horrific Charger Hell Bringer Mimic.png Hell Bringer Mimic Hostile Invader.png Hostile Invader
Infernal Hound.png Infernal Hound Kraken.png Kraken Lihzahrd Mimic.png Lihzahrd Mimic
Lihzahrd Pot Mimic.png Lihzahrd Pot Mimic Lost Probe.png Lost Probe Molten Mortar.png Molten Mortar
Mycelium Mimic.png Mycelium Mimic Necro Pot Mimic.png Necro Pot Mimic Sol Priestess.png Sol Priestess
Soul Corrupter.png Soul Corrupter Submerged Mimic.png Submerged Mimic The Starved.png The Starved
The Whale.png The Whale Underworld Pot Mimic.png Underworld Pot Mimic Vile Floater.png Vile Floater
Volt Eel.png Volt Eel

Event Enemies[edit | edit source]

Blood Moon
Abomination.png Abomination Blood Drop.png Blood Drop Blood Hungry Warg.png Blood Hungry Warg
Famished Maggot.png Famished Maggot Gorged Eye.png Gorged Eye Grave Limb.png Grave Limb
Impaled Zombie.png Impaled Zombie Necrotic Imbuer.png Necrotic Imbuer
Patch Werk.png Patch Werk
Severed Legs.png Severed Legs Smothering Shade.png Smothering Shade
Rain (Blizzard)
Blizzard Bat.png Blizzard Bat Frost Burnt.png Frost Burnt Frost Burnt Flayer.png Frost Burnt Flayer
Snowy Owl.png Snowy Owl Unstable Ice Anomaly.png Unstable Ice Anomaly

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Abyssion, The Forgotten One.png Abyssion, The Forgotten One Borean Strider.png Borean Strider Coznix, The Fallen Beholder.png Coznix, The Fallen Beholder
Granite Energy Storm.png Granite Energy Storm The Buried Champion.png The Buried Champion The Grand Thunder Bird.png The Grand Thunder Bird
The Lich.png The Lich The Queen Jellyfish.png The Queen Jellyfish The Ragnarök.png The Ragnarök
The Star Scouter.png The Star Scouter

Bosses' Servants[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Spawn.png Abyssal Spawn Borean Hopper.png Borean Hopper Borean Myte.png Borean Myte
Coalesced Energy.png Coalesced Energy Cryo Core.png Cryo Core Distracting Jellyfish.png Distracting Jellyfish
Enemy Beholder.png Enemy Beholder Enroaching Energy.png Enroaching Energy Hatchling.png Hatchling
Molten Core.png Molten Core Phase Core.png Phase Core Phylactery of a Thousand Souls.png Phylactery
Spitting Jellyfish.png Spitting Jellyfish Zealous Jellyfish.png Zealous Jellyfish
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