Floating Island

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The Sky Islands feature 2 new enemies, and is the required height level to summon and fight The Star Scouter.

Content[edit | edit source]

Floating Island
Characters Unique Drops
Nestling.png Nestling
Wind Elemental.png Wind Elemental
The Star Scouter.png The Star Scouter


Nestling Banner.png Nestling
Wind Elemental Banner.png Wind Elemental

From Nestlings:

Feather.png Feather

From Wind Elementals:

Rain Cloud.png Rain Cloud
The Zapper.png The Zapper

From Nestlings and Harpies:

Avian Cartilage.png Avian Cartilage
Changes to Biomes
Surface Layers Snow • The Corruption • The Crimson • Floating Island
Underground Layers Cavern • Underground Snow • Underground Jungle • Aquatic Depths • The Underworld
Special Biomes Meteorite • Granite Cave • Marble Cave • Dungeon • Lihzahrd Temple