Granite Cave

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The Granite Biome features three new Post-Skeletron enemies and the Granite Energy Storm boss.

The biome receives new enemies upon defeating Skeletron for the first time in a world; this change is notified with the status message, "The pockets of Granite and Marble in your world tremble..."

Content[edit | edit source]

Granite Cave
Characters Unique Drops

After Skeletron has been defeated:

Granite Eradicator.png Granite Eradicator
Granite-Fused Slime.png Granite-Fused Slime
Granite Surger.png Granite Surger
Granite Energy Storm.png Granite Energy Storm
Coalesced Energy.png Coalesced Energy
{From Granite Energy Storm)


Granite Eradicator Banner.png Granite Eradicator
Granite-Fused Slime Banner.png Granite-Fused Slime
Granite Surger Banner.png Granite Surger

From Granite Eradicators, Granite-Fused Slimes & Granite Surgers:

Granite Block.png Granite Block
Granite Energy Core.png Granite Energy Core

From Granite Energy Storm:

Energy Storm Partisan.png Energy Storm Partisan
Energy Storm Bolter.png Energy Storm Bolter
Energy Projector.png Energy Projector
Boulder Probe Staff.png Boulder Probe Staff
Energy Manipulator.png Energy Manipulator
Eye of the Storm.png Eye of the Storm
Energy Storm Mask.png Energy Storm Mask
Energy Storm Trophy.png Energy Storm Trophy
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