Jungle Temple

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The Jungle Temple features 3 new Hardmode enemies.

Content[edit | edit source]

Jungle Temple
Characters Unique Drops
Sol Priestess.png Sol Priestess
Lihzahrd Pot Mimic.png Lihzahrd Pot Mimic
Lihzahrd Mimic.png Lihzahrd Mimic


Sol Priestess Banner.png Sol Priestess
Lihzahrd Pot Mimic Banner.png Lihzahrd Pot Mimic
Lihzahrd Mimic Banner.png Lihzahrd Mimic

From all Jungle Temple enemies:

Lihzahrd Kukri.png Lihzahrd Kukri

From Flying Snakes:

Spearmint.png Spearmint

From Sol Priestesses:

Staff of Sol.png Staff of Sol

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