Meteorite (biome)

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The Meteorite Biome features 5 new enemies to the otherwise simple Meteorite Biome, providing useful drops and the means to summon a boss, The Star Scouter.

Content[edit | edit source]

Meteorite (biome)
Characters Unique Drops
Space Slime.png Space Slime
U.F.O..png U.F.O.

In Hardmode:

Lost Probe.png Lost Probe
Astro Beetle.png Astro Beetle
Hostile Invader.png Hostile Invader


Space Slime Banner.png Space Slime
U.F.O. Banner.png U.F.O.
Lost Probe Banner.png Lost Probe
Astro Beetle Banner.png Astro Beetle
Hostile Invader Banner.png Hostile Invader

From Space Slimes:

Meteorite.png Meteorite

From U.F.O.s:

Detached U.F.O. Blaster.png Detached U.F.O. Blaster

From Space Slimes and U.F.O.s:

Strange Alien Tech.png Strange Alien Tech

In Hardmode:

From Astro Beetles:

Astro-Beetle Husk.png Astro-Beetle Husk

From Lost Probes and Hostile Invaders:

Strange Communicator.png Strange Communicator
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