The Corruption

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The Corruption biome features 3 new Pre-Hardmode and 3 Hardmode enemies, as well as 4 new Corrupt Snow enemies and a Corrupt Underworld enemy.

Content[edit | edit source]

The Corruption
Characters Unique Drops
Festering Walker.png Festering Walker
Festering Sprinter.png Festering Sprinter
(From Festering Walker)
The Innocent.png The Innocent

In Corrupt Snow:

Frost Wurm.png Frost Wurm
Snow Eater.png Snow Eater

In Hardmode:

The Starved.png The Starved
Horrific Charger.png Horrific Charger
Vile Floater.png Vile Floater

In Corrupted Snow:

Chilled Spitter.png Chilled Spitter
Freezer.png Freezer

In Corrupted Underworld:

Soul Corrupter.png Soul Corrupter


The Innocent Banner.png The Innocent
Festering Walker Banner.png Festering Walker
The Starved Banner.png The Starved
Horrific Charger Banner.png Horrific Charger
Vile Floater Banner.png Vile Floater

From Corrupt Snow variants:

Frost Wurm Banner.png Frost Wurm
Snow Eater Banner.png Snow Eater
Chilled Spitter Banner.png Chilled Spitter
Freezer Banner.png Freezer

From The Starved:

Desecrated Heart.png Desecrated Heart

From Vile Floaters:

Vile Spitter.png Vile Spitter

From Freezers:

Vitamins.png Vitamins

From Frost Wurms:

Worm Tooth.png Worm Tooth

From Chilled Spitters and Freezers:

Frost Plague Staff.png Frost Plague Staff

From Corrupt Snow variants:

Icy Shard.png Icy Shard

From all enemies except Festering Sprinters:

Rotten Chunk.png Rotten Chunk

Notes[edit | edit source]

Changes to Biomes
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Underground Layers Cavern • Underground Snow • Underground Jungle • Aquatic Depths • The Underworld
Special Biomes Meteorite • Granite Cave • Marble Cave • Dungeon • Lihzahrd Temple