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Several new Ammunition are added to cater to the new weapons added.

Bullets[edit | edit source]

Fired from Guns. For more information, see Bullets.

Name Damage Velocity Knockback Rarity Sell
Buckshot.png Buckshot 5 10 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 0 10 Copper Coin
Ice Ball.png Ice Ball 4 9 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 0 8 Copper Coin
Terrarium Pulser Shot.png Terrarium Pulser Shot 20 10 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: rainbow 86 Copper Coin

Arrows[edit | edit source]

Fired from Bows and Repeaters. For more information, see Arrows.

Name Damage Velocity Knockback Rarity Sell
Dazzle Arrow.png Dazzle Arrow 10 6 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 3 46 Copper Coin
Durasteel Arrow.png Durasteel Arrow 12 10 4
Rarity Level: 3 16 Copper Coin
Feather Arrow.png Feather Arrow 10 2 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 2 28 Copper Coin
Ghost Pulse Arrow.png Ghost Pulse Arrow 4 4 1
(Extremely Weak)
Link=Donator items 15 Copper Coin
Icy Arrow.png Icy Arrow 5 4 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 0 5 Copper Coin
Ocean Arrow.png Ocean Arrow 6 3.5 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 1 20 Copper Coin.png
Spirit Arrow.png Spirit Arrow 10 3 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 6 20 Copper Coin.png
Steel Arrow.png Steel Arrow 8 7 4
Rarity Level: 1 1 Copper Coin
Talon Arrow.png Talon Arrow 4 3 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 0 10 Copper Coin.png

Other types[edit | edit source]

Ammo Ammo Type Weapons that use this ammo
Cursed Sawblade.png Cursed Sawblade None Man Hacker
Dazzling Sawblade.png Dazzling Sawblade None Man Hacker
Frozen Sawblade.png Frozen Sawblade None Man Hacker
Lil' Torpedo.png Lil' Torpedo None Marine Launcher
Molten Sawblade.png Molten Sawblade None Man Hacker
Sawblade.png Sawblade None Man Hacker
Snot Ball.png Snot Ball None Ogre Snot-Gun
Soul Bomb.png Soul Bomb None Death Grip
Spud.png Spud None Spud Bomber
Seething Charge.png Seething Charge None Hand Cannon
Vile Sawblade.png Vile Sawblade None Man Hacker

Ammo used by tools[edit | edit source]

Bait[edit | edit source]

Used by Fishing Poles to catch Fish.

Bait Bait Power
Amber Butterfly.png Butterfly Varies
Pulse Lure.gif Pulse Lure 38%

Boss Summoning[edit | edit source]

Ammo Used with Boss Summoned
Storm Flare.png Storm Flare Grand Flare Gun.png Grand Flare Gun The Grand Thunder Bird
Consumables: Life Water.png Potions ( Frost-Heart Elixir.png Buff Potions ) • Shade Kunai.png Thrown Weapons

Feather Arrow.png Ammunition • Band.png Materials ( Icy Shard.png Drops • Thorium Ore.png Ores and Thorium Bar.png Bars ) • Grand Flare Gun.png Other
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