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The Thorium Mod adds several new enemies to the Blood Moon event, and the ability to manually start the event with the Blood Moon Medallion. The various new drops are useful for the player early in the game, and the Unholy Shards that drop in the event are essential for the Healer class.

During the Blood Moon, Patch Werk, a Mini Boss, has a chance to spawn. His appearance and defeat is necessary for the Confused Zombie to move in to an available house, and thus it is necessary for the player to complete a Blood Moon event at least once.

Content[edit | edit source]

Blood Moon
Characters Unique Drops
Gorged Eye.png Gorged Eye
Impaled Zombie.png Impaled Zombie
Grave Limb.png Grave Limb
Patch Werk.png Patch Werk
(Mini Boss)
Blood Drop.png Blood Drop
Famished Maggot.png Famished Maggot
Severed Legs.png Severed Legs

After Patch Werk has been defeated:

Abomination.png Abomination

In Hardmode:

Blood Hungry Warg.png Blood Hungry Warg
Smothering Shade.png Smothering Shade
Necrotic Imbuer.png Necrotic Imbuer


Bloodied Butterfly.png Bloodied Butterfly


Gorged Eye Banner.png Gorged Eye
Impaled Zombie Banner.png Impaled Zombie
Grave Limb Banner.png Grave Limb
Abomination Banner.png Abomination

In Hardmode:

Blood Hungry Warg Banner.png Blood Hungry Warg
Necrotic Imbuer Banner.png Necrotic Imbuer

From Gorged Eyes:

Blood.png Blood
Black Lens.png Black Lens

From Impaled Zombies:

Blood Drenched Dagger.png Blood Drenched Dagger

From Grave Limbs:

Severed Hand.png Severed Hand

From Patch Werk:

The Good Book.png The Good Book

From Blood Zombies and Dripplers (in Hardmode):

Bagpipe.png Bagpipe
Blood Feaster Staff.png Blood Feaster Staff

From Blood Hungry Wargs (in Hardmode):

Eviscerating Claw.png Eviscerating Claw
Cracked Battle Horn.png Cracked Battle Horn
Carnivore Tail.png Carnivore Tail
Ebony Ears.png Ebony Ears

From Smothering Shades (in Hardmode):

Shade Band.png Shade Band

From Necrotic Imbuers (in Hardmode):

Necrotic Staff.png Necrotic Staff

From any enemy:

Unholy Shards.png Unholy Shards
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Spawns from Patch Werk
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