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The Thorium Mod expands on the number of bosses that can be challenged at different points in the game, featuring unique drops and AI, making every encounter a memorable one. Each boss does not spawn naturally on its own, and thus require their respective boss summoning item to initiate the fight.

In Expert Mode, bosses drop Treasure Bags which contain exciting Expert Mode exclusive items. These include, but are not limited to: the Omega Drive which summons a pet that is able to attack; and the Dormant Hammer, a key component in the highest damage weapon in game, Mjölnir.

Defeating these bosses are not required for game progression, but may be beneficial as they can provide useful items and access to new Town NPCs. Defeating The Ragnarök, a post-Moon Lord boss, grants new end-game equipment that overpowers some of the vanilla end-game content twice over.

Similar to vanilla Terraria, players that are under prepared may find bosses challenging, and players that are over prepared may find the boss fight too easy. Hence it is up to the player's discretion to adjust the angle at which they tackle the different bosses, ensuring they are able to enjoy fighting them to the best degree.

Pre-Hardmode Bosses[edit | edit source]

The Grand Thunder Bird[edit | edit source]

The Grand Thunder Bird.png
Thunder Bird Trophy.png
Grand Flare Gun.png

The Grand Thunder Bird is a gold and turquoise feathered bird with 1,000 health (1,800 in Expert Mode). It is summoned with a Grand Flare Gun using Storm Flares during the Day. The Grand Thunder Bird is the easiest boss in Terraria, but may still prove a challenge to unprepared players. Defeating The Grand Thunder Bird is required for the Desert Acolyte NPC to move in.

The Grand Thunder Bird drops Sandstone Ingots, an early game crafting material as well as two weapons and a useful early-game accessory, the Zephyr.

The Queen Jellyfish[edit | edit source]

The Queen Jellyfish.png
Queen Jellyfish Trophy.png
Jellyfish Resonator.png

The Queen Jellyfish is a large pink jellyfish that has the Diverman NPC entrapped in its head. It has 4,000 health (6,600 in Expert Mode) and is summoned with a Jellyfish Resonator while the player is standing in water at the Ocean, but can be fought anywhere nearby afterwards. Defeating The Queen Jellyfish causes the Diverman NPC to drop right out of its head, and enables him to move in to an available house.

The Queen Jellyfish drops a variety of jelly-themed weapons, as well as Pink Gel which is otherwise an item dropped from the rare Slime, Pinky.

Granite Energy Storm[edit | edit source]

Granite Energy Storm.png
Energy Storm Trophy.png
Unstable Core.png

The Granite Energy Storm is a large granite core surrounded by energy. It has 7,250 health (9,000 in Expert Mode) and has to be summoned with the Unstable Core in a Granite Cave, but can be fought anywhere afterwards. The Granite Energy Storm is a difficult boss, and may be difficult to hit with melee attacks as it floats around continuously before charging at the player.

The Granite Energy Storm drops energized granite-themed weapons, as well as the Eye of the Storm in Expert Mode, an accessory that releases damaging energy which homes in on enemies.

The Buried Champion[edit | edit source]

The Buried Champion.png
Buried Champion Trophy.png
Ancient Blade.png

The Buried Champion is a boss which resembles a winged Greek warrior. He has 7,250 health (9,500 in Expert mode) and has to be summoned by killing a Bizarre Rock Formation in the Marble Caves or by using the Ancient Blade in the Cavern layer.

The Star Scouter[edit | edit source]

The Star Scouter.png
Scouter Trophy.png
Star Caller.png

The Star Scouter is a large alien saucer which attacks with a series of purple lasers and beams. It is summoned with a Star Caller which can only be used in the Space Biome. It has 8,200 health (10,000 in Expert Mode) and is the most difficult boss before the Wall of Flesh. It can be difficult to hit with melee attacks, as it flies around continuously like the Martian Saucer.

The Star Scouter drops similarly themed weapons, the most valuable of which being the Omega Drive in Expert Mode, which summons a pet that can attack enemies.

Hardmode Bosses[edit | edit source]

Borean Strider[edit | edit source]

Borean Strider.png
Borean Strider Trophy.png
Strider's Tear.png

The Borean Strider is a boss that spawns randomly in the Snow biome during a Blizzard. Its spawn may be expedited through use of a Strider's Tear. It has 16,250 health split over 2 phases (19,500 in Expert Mode). It leaps at the player, creating shockwaves as it lands, and shoots icicles at the player with increasing frequency as its health depletes. It also releases waves of snow and spawns Borean Hoppers and Borean Mytes during its second phase. Its attacks also inflict various ice-themed debuffs upon players.

Coznix, The Fallen Beholder[edit | edit source]

Coznix, The Fallen Beholder.png
Fallen Beholder Trophy.png
Void Lens.png

Coznix, The Fallen Beholder is a cephalopod-like boss that is summoned by consuming the Void Lens. It has 12,000 health (23,000 split over 2 phases in Expert Mode). It attacks with eradication beams and charge attacks at first. After losing 20% of its health it will begin to unleash a large spread of dark magic that debuffs the player but deals no damage. Sometimes it will summon Enemy Beholders to assist it. After losing 65% of its health it will begin to summon slow moving void gates that shoot powerful laser beams directly downwards.

Upon defeat in Expert Mode, the Soul of the Void will be released. As well as ramming into the player more often, it will unleash eradication beams and void gates far more quickly, and many of its attacks inflict a damaging burn on the player.

The Lich[edit | edit source]

The Lich.png
Liches Trophy.png
Grim Harvest Sigil.png

The Lich is a skeleton-like boss summoned with the Grim Harvest Sigil. It has 18,500 health (29,000 split over 2 phases in Expert Mode). It rapidly fires flaming lasers from its eyes, rains down giant fireballs and spawns a bolt that stagnates mid-air or on tile impact.

Upon defeat in Expert Mode, it'll turn into The Lich (Unmasked). In this form it rushes at the player with high speed and damage, shoots projectiles from its scythe, spawns colossal burning spirit balls and spawns the Phylactery of a Thousand Souls, which will fortify his defense greatly until it is killed.

Abyssion, The Forgotten One[edit | edit source]

Abyssion, The Forgotten One.png
Abyssion Trophy.png
Abyssal Shadow.png

Abyssion, The Forgotten One is a crab-like boss fought in the Aquatic Depths. It has 46,000 health split over 2 phases (81,000 split over 3 phases in Expert Mode). The Forgotten One has multiple attacks that become more numerous and frequent as his health depletes. Once seemingly defeated, the boss enters its second phase in which it has all of its attacks from the first but with added frequency and damage, and a new dark wave attack.

In Expert mode, Abyssion has a third and final phase in which his attacks become imbued with dark magic and he moves much faster, attempting to ram the player with incredible speed.

The Ragnarök[edit | edit source]

The Ragnarök.png
Ragnarok Trophy.png
Doom Sayer's Coin.png

The Ragnarök is the final boss of the Thorium mod, summoned with the Doom Sayer's Coin. It consists of three bosses: Aquaius, The Endless Tide; Omnicide, The Life Defiler; and Slag Fury, The Primordial Flame; each having their own set of attacks and forms. In total, the encounter has 462,000 health split over 3 bosses and several phases (793,000 split over 4 bosses in Expert Mode).

If any of them are defeated in Expert mode, whilst at least one is still alive, the defeated boss will turn into an elemental and attack the player till all of them are defeated, at which point, the final phase of the fight will begin.

Mini Bosses[edit | edit source]

Patch Werk[edit | edit source]

Patch Werk.png

Patch Werk is a mini-boss found during a Blood Moon. It has 425 health (850 in Expert mode). Patch Werk slowly moves towards the player while spawning Blood Drops and Severed Legs when attacked. In Expert Mode, it will also use a damaging shockwave attack that summons Zombies and Famished Maggots.

When killed, the Confused Zombie will be able to move in when there is sufficient housing, and the Abomination will replace Patch Werk in future Blood Moons.

Corpse Bloom[edit | edit source]

Corpse Bloom.png

Corpse Bloom is a mini-boss that can be found rarely in the Underground Jungle after Skeletron has been defeated. It has 950 health (1900 in Expert Mode). It walks toward the player, attempting to attack them with its mouths. It also occasionally summons Corpse Petals.

When killed, the Druid will be able to move in when there is sufficient housing.

Boss Progression[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
The Grand Thunder Bird.png The Grand Thunder Bird
King Slime.png King Slime
Eye of Cthulhu.png Eye of Cthulhu
Eater of Worlds.png Brain of Cthulhu.png Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu
The Queen Jellyfish.png The Queen Jellyfish
Queen Bee.png Queen Bee
Skeletron.png Skeletron
Granite Energy Storm.png The Buried Champion.png Granite Energy Storm and The Buried Champion
The Star Scouter.png The Star Scouter
Wall of Flesh.png Wall of Flesh
Icon Name
Borean Strider.png Borean Strider
Coznix, The Fallen Beholder.png Coznix, The Fallen Beholder
Skeletron Prime.png The Twins.png The Destroyer.png Mechanical Bosses
The Lich.png The Lich
Plantera.png Plantera
Golem.png Golem
Abyssion, The Forgotten One.png Abyssion, The Forgotten One
Duke Fishron.png Duke Fishron
Lunatic Cultist.png Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord.png Moon Lord
Post-Moon Lord
The Ragnarök.png The Ragnarök