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Some items can be crafted By Hand, meaning they are crafted without the use of an external crafting station.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used to craft[edit | edit source]

By Hand
Result Ingredients
Black Torch.png Torch.pngTorch (3)
Drill Dart.png
Drill Dart (100)
Antlion Mandible.pngAntlion Mandible
Gold Duck Cage.png Terrarium.pngTerrarium
Gold Duck.pngGold Duck
Flare Dart.png
Flare Dart (100)
Solar Pebble.pngSolar Pebble
Lodestone Slab.png Lodestone Platform.pngLodestone Platform (2)
Lodestone Platform.png Lodestone Slab.pngLodestone Slab
Lodestone Work Bench.png Lodestone Slab.pngLodestone Slab (10)
Magenta Torch.png Torch.pngTorch (3)
Marine Work Bench.png Refined Marine Block.pngRefined Marine Block (10)
Mjölnir.png Family Heirloom.pngFamily Heirloom
Dormant Hammer.pngDormant Hammer
Ocean Dart.png
Ocean Dart (100)
Ocean Bar.pngOcean Bar
Permafrost.png Permafrost Platform.pngPermafrost Platform (2)
Permafrost Platform.png Permafrost.pngPermafrost
Permafrost Work Bench.png Permafrost.pngPermafrost (10)
Phase Dart.png
Phase Dart (100)
Spirit Droplet.pngSpirit Droplet
Plate Slab.png Plate Platform.pngPlate Platform (2)
Plate Platform.png Plate Slab.pngPlate Slab
Plate Work Bench.png Plate Slab.pngPlate Slab (10)
Refined Marine Block.png Refined Marine Platform.pngRefined Marine Platform (2)
Refined Marine Platform.png Refined Marine Block.pngRefined Marine Block
Tether Dart.png Strange Plating.pngStrange Plating
Thorium Block.png Thorium Block Platform.pngThorium Block Platform (2)
Thorium Block Platform.png Thorium Block.pngThorium Block
Thorium Work Bench.png Thorium Block.pngThorium Block (10)
Torch (10)
Wood.pngWood (2)
Smooth Coal.pngSmooth Coal (2)
Yew Wood.png Yew Wood Platform.pngYew Wood Platform (2)
Yew Wood Platform.png Yew Wood.pngYew Wood
Yew Wood Work Bench.png Yew Wood.pngYew Wood (10)

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