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The Cavern layer features 10 new Pre-Hardmode enemies, 2 new Hardmode enemies, and a new structure: the Blood Chamber. The general theme of the enemies are earthen and gold, alluding to the nature of the caverns and its many treasures.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Earthen Bat.pngEarthen Bat
Earthen Golem.pngEarthen Golem
Gilded Bat.pngGilded Bat
Gilded Slime.pngGilded Slime
Gilded Slimeling.pngGilded Slimeling(From Gilded Slime)
Gilded Lycan.pngGilded Lycan
Copper Coin Bag Mimic.pngCopper Coin Bag Mimic
Silver Coin Bag Mimic.pngSilver Coin Bag Mimic
Flamekin Caster.pngFlamekin Caster
Bat Outa' Hell.pngBat Outa' Hell(From Flamekin Caster)

After Skeletron has been defeated,
if the player has 200 or more health, or in Hardmode:

Life Crystal Mimic.pngLife Crystal Mimic

In Hardmode:

Glittering Golem.pngGlittering Golem
Gold Coin Bag Mimic.pngGold Coin Bag Mimic

From Gold Chests:

Enchanted Staff.pngEnchanted Staff
Enchanted Knife.pngEnchanted Knife


Earthen Bat Banner.pngEarthen Bat Banner
Earthen Golem Banner.pngEarthen Golem Banner
Gilded Bat Banner.pngGilded Bat Banner
Gilded Slime Banner.pngGilded Slime Banner
Gilded Lycan Banner.pngGilded Lycan Banner
Coin Bag Mimic Banner.pngCoin Bag Mimic Banner
Flamekin Caster Banner.pngFlamekin Caster Banner
Glittering Golem Banner.pngGlittering Golem Banner

From Gold Mice:

Ancient Cheese Block.pngAncient Cheese Block

From Earthen Bats and Earthen Golems:

Smooth Coal.pngSmooth Coal

From Earthen Golems:

Heart of Stone.pngHeart of Stone

From Gilded Bats and Gilded Lycans:

Gold Bar.pngGold Bar

From Gilded Slimelings:

Gold Ore.pngGold Ore

From Coin Bag Mimics:

Ancient Drachma.pngAncient Drachma

From Flamekin Casters:

Molten Scale.pngMolten Scale

From Mimics:

Fake Coin.pngFake Coin

From Glittering Golems:

Crystal Shard.pngCrystal Shard
Intact Geode.pngIntact Geode

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Underground Layers Aquatic Depths • Cavern • Dungeon • Ice biome • Underground Desert • Underground Jungle • Underground Mushroom • Underground Hallow • The Underworld
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