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The Cavern layer features 9 new Pre-Hardmode enemies, 3 new Hardmode enemies and 9 new critters. The general theme of the enemies are earthen and gold, alluding to the nature of the caverns and its many treasures.

Content[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops
Earthen Bat.png Earthen Bat
Earthen Golem.png Earthen Golem
Gilded Bat.png Gilded Bat
Gilded Slime.png Gilded Slime
Gilded Lycan.png Gilded Lycan
Copper Coin Bag Mimic.png Copper Coin Bag Mimic
Silver Coin Bag Mimic.png Silver Coin Bag Mimic
Flamekin Caster.png Flamekin Caster
Bat Outa' Hell.png Bat Outa' Hell
(From Flamekin Caster)

In Hardmode:

Glittering Golem.png Glittering Golem
Gold Coin Bag Mimic.png Gold Coin Bag Mimic

After any Mechanical Boss has been defeated:

Rocky Boulder Mimic.png Rocky Boulder Mimic


Amethyst Butterfly.png Amethyst Butterfly
Topaz Butterfly.png Topaz Butterfly
Blinkroot Butterfly.png Blinkroot Butterfly
Emerald Butterfly.png Emerald Butterfly
Sapphire Butterfly.png Sapphire Butterfly
Diamond Butterfly.png Diamond Butterfly
Ruby Butterfly.png Ruby Butterfly

When close to a Life Crystal:

Life Crystal Butterfly.png Life Crystal Butterfly

Adjacent to Underworld:

Obsidian Butterfly.png Obsidian Butterfly


Earthen Bat Banner.png Earthen Bat
Earthen Golem Banner.png Earthen Golem
Gilded Bat Banner.png Gilded Bat
Gilded Slime Banner.png Gilded Slime
Gilded Lycan Banner.png Gilded Lycan
Coin Bag Mimic Banner.png Coin Bag Mimic
Flamekin Caster Banner.png Flamekin Caster
Glittering Golem Banner.png Glittering Golem

From Earthen Bats and Earthen Golems:

Smooth Coal.png Smooth Coal

From Gilded Bats, Gilded Slimes and Gilded Lycans:

Gold Ore.png Gold Ore

From Coin Bag Mimics:

Ancient Drachma.png Ancient Drachma

From Flamekin Casters:

Molten Scale.png Molten Scale

From Glittering Golems:

Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard
Geode.png Geode
Amethyst.png Topaz.png Sapphire.png Emerald.png Ruby.png Diamond.png Amber.png Any gem

From Rocky Boulder Mimics:

Stone Sledge.png Stone Sledge

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Underground Layers Aquatic Depths • Cavern • Underground Desert • Underground Hallow • Underground Jungle • Underground Snow • The Underworld
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