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The Thorium Mod adds 5 new varieties of Darts. Each of them are crafted in sets of 100, by hand.

Types[edit | edit source]

Type Damage Velocity Source Special Properties
Ocean Dart.png Ocean Dart 8 2 Ocean Bar.png = 100 Ocean Dart.png Splinters after impacting an enemy.
Drill Dart.png Drill Dart 8 0 Antlion Mandible.png = 100 Drill Dart.png Briefly digs through tiles on impact.
Phase Dart.png Phase Dart 10 1 Spirit Droplet.png = 100 Phase Dart.png Increases in damage before reaching a peak, then it quickly loses damage.
Tether Dart.png Tether Dart 18 1 Strange Plating.png = 100 Tether Dart.png Splits into a damaging electric field.
Flare Dart.png Flare Dart 16 1 Solar Pebble.png = 100 Flare Dart.png Empowers in damage and blast radius overtime.

History[edit | edit source]