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Death Prevention

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Death Prevention is a mechanic added by the Thorium Mod. Normally, when a player reaches 0 life, they die and respawn after a short delay. Various items within the mod prevent, undo, or delay this process from happening, giving players a second chance to live. Prevent, Revive, and Delay are the current forms this mechanic can take.

Prevent[edit | edit source]

A Prevent stops a player from taking fatal damage, heals them by a set amount in most cases, and grants them brief invulnerability.

Source Health restored Duration Cooldown Additional effect
Devil's Carapace.png Devil's Carapace 100 While equipped 2 minutes None
Ghastly Carapace.png Ghastly Carapace 100 While equipped 2 minutes Teleports user to their spawn point
Phylactery.png Phylactery 20 While equipped 5 minutes None
Dream Catcher.png Dream Catcher All While in aura 3 minutes None
Spiritualist.png Spiritualist 1 While buffed 10 minutes Grants one of three buffs: Revenge, Protection, or Recovery

Revive[edit | edit source]

A Revive brings a dead player back to life, allowing them to continue fighting.

Source Cost Health restored Additional effect
Ancient Tome of Revival.png Ancient Tome of Revival 250 Mana + 5 second cast time 50 life Revived players suffer 30 seconds of Mortality.

Delay[edit | edit source]

A Delay makes the player invulnerable to damage and stops them from dying right away for a set duration. After the duration, regardless of their health, the player dies as they would have.

Source Cost Delay duration Additional effect
Technique - Last Stand.png Technique - Last Stand 5 Technique Points 10 seconds Grants 25% increased throwing damage and speed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Leaving and re-entering the world resets the cooldown of all death prevention effects, much like normal debuffs.
Death Prevention items
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