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Debuffs are status effects that affect the player or target negatively.

From enemies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Bubbled.png Bubbled Player uncontrollably rises into the air. You're floating away!
Cryptic Grasp.png Cryptic Grasp Losing 5 life a second. It's on your face! Aaauggh!
Destabilized.png Destabilized Losing 4 life a second. Your existence is fading in and out
Granite Surge.png Granite Surge Defense lowered by 8, losing 1 life a second. Too much energy is causing damage and lowered defense
Liquefied.png Liquefied Reduces movement speed by 50%, defense by 14 and melee speed by 15%. Defense, movement and melee speed decreased
Nearly Petrified.png Nearly Petrified If affected again, target becomes Stoned. Your body is starting to solidify; Take caution!
Staggered.png Staggered Jump height greatly reduced and unable to fly. You're too dizzy to jump correctly
Shackled.png Shackled Player's movement is severely hindered. You're shackled to a nearby shambler ball
Tainted Hearts.png Tainted Hearts Hearts will heal for 50% and inflict Poisoned. Hearts will heal half the amount and poison you...

From items and environment[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Abyssal Weight.png Abyssal Weight Reduces damage by 75% and movement speed by 55%. Damage and movement speed greatly reduced.
Blast Charging.png Blast Charging Blast Shield will not unleash its explosion. Can't unleash an explosion just yet...
Choking Aura.png Choking Aura The player takes 10 damage per second. The depths pollute and poison all nearby air
Consuming Whispers.png Consuming Whispers Radiant damage increased by 50% and radiant weapon usage speed increased by 35%, but kills the player at the end of the duration. Power comes at a cost
Corporeal.png Corporeal Cannot be affected by Spirit Band. Your spirit band is recharging
Critically Exhausted.png Critically Exhausted Cannot be affected by True Strikes. Cannot trigger 'True Strikes'
Devil's Exhaustion.png Devil's Exhaustion Cannot be affected by Devil's Grasp. Taking fatal damage will end your life...
False Presence All.gif False Presence Attaining three stacks summons Abyssion, The Forgotten One. Something stirs in the darkness...
Frost Heart.png Frost Heart Regenerates 40 life per second and grants 10 defense but player is Frozen in place. Health returns...
Ghastly Exhaustion.png Ghastly Exhaustion Cannot be affected by Ghastly Soul. Taking fatal damage will end your life...
Full Stomach.png Full Stomach Cannot use Cook's Food. You couldn't eat another bite!
Hallucination.png Hallucination Rainbow colored lights vibrate all around the player. Something's not right...
Liches Withdraw.png Liches Withdraw Cannot be affected by Liches Backup. Taking fatal damage will end your life...
Life Transfusion.png Life Transfusion Cannot regenerate health. Life regeneration is nullified
Metamorphosis.png Metamorphosis You move drastically slower, take more damage and have increased enemy aggro. Your power is reaching a mighty crescendo!
Molten Fury (debuff).png Molten Fury Cannot use the Magma Seer's Mask special ability. Slag Fury's power is still restoring itself
Mortality.png Mortality Defense reduced by half, damage reduced by 15%, and movement speed reduced by 30%. Defense, damage and movement speed decreased
Ocean's Buffer Exhaustion.png Ocean's Buffer Exhaustion Cannot be affected by Ocean's Buffer. Cannot trigger 'Ocean's Buffer'
Out of Touch.png Out of Touch The players bonus healing is set to 0. Your bonus healing is nullified
Tock (debuff).png Tock Decreases symphonic damage and playing speed by 10%. Symphonic damage and playing speed decreased

Onto enemies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Berserk Burn.png Berserk Burn Damage taken is increased by target's missing life. Taking life percentage damage on hit
Berserk Soul.png Berserk Soul On death, a projectile firing ghost is summoned. If this enemy dies, an aggressive spirit will be released
Cannot Chain.png Cannot Chain Enemies wont be targeted by Chain Attack effects. Won't get affected by chain lightning
Charmed.png Charmed Decreases contact damage by 20% and movement speed by 5%. This enemy can't resist your allure!
Corrosion.png Corrosion Losing 5 life a second and defense decreased by 5. Defense reduced and taking damage over time
Dark Contagion.png Dark Contagion Losing 10 life a second and spreads to nearby enemies. Afflicted with a contagious dark curse
Deep Cut.png Deep Cut Losing 10 life a second. Rapidly losing life
Freezing.png Freezing Horizontal speed decreased by 45%. This enemy's movement speed is noticeably lowered
Fungal Growth.png Fungal Growth Taking 5 damage a second, and horizontal speed decreased by 15%. This target is infected with mycelium
Holy Glare.png Holy Glare Losing 3 life a second, and damage taken increased by 12%. Holy light purges the unclean!
Illuminated.png Illuminated Enemy glows in the dark. This enemy is nice and bright
Light Curse.png Light Curse Losing 3 life a second. Pure darkness is melting this enemy
Karma.png Karma Losing 4 life a second and glows brightly. Getting dunked on!
Melting.png Melting Melting Stacks up to four times, dealing 20 additional damage per stack.
Napalm.png Napalm Losing 20 life a second. Endlessly burning
Paralyzed.png Paralyzed Target is unable to move. This enemy can't move very briefly!
Petrify.png Petrify Target is unable to move. This enemy can't react!
Shade-Hold.png Shade-Hold Target is unable to move. The enemy is pinned, and can't move!
Singe.png Singe Losing 2 life a second. Just received a nasty burn
Snake Bite.png Snake Bite Snake Bite Stacks up to four times, dealing 25 additional damage per stack.
Spored.png Spored On death, two homing spore pods will be released. If this enemy dies, more spores will be released
Sundered (debuff).png Sundered (debuff) Damage taken increased by 8%. Defense decreased greatly
Tuned.png Tuned Damage taken increased by 10%. Taking 10% more damage from all sources
Wither.png Wither Losing 10 life per second. WITHER AWAY!!!

Other Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Guardian's Exhaustion.png Guardian's Exhaustion Cannot be affected by Guardian Angel. Cannot receive the Spiritualist's gift

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