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The Desert biome features 2 new critters and 2 new drops, and is the required biome to summon and fight The Grand Thunder Bird.

Content[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops
The Grand Thunder Bird.pngThe Grand Thunder Bird(boss)
Hatchling.pngHatchling(From The Grand Thunder Bird)

Critters during the day:

Sandy Butterfly.pngSandy Butterfly

While raining:

Waterleaf Butterfly.pngWaterleaf Butterfly

From Vultures:


From The Grand Thunder Bird:

Thunder Talon.pngThunder Talon
Hatchling Staff.pngHatchling Staff
Sandstone Ingot.pngSandstone Ingot
Bird Mask.pngBird Mask
Ancient Storm Mask.pngAncient Storm Mask
Thunder Bird Trophy.pngThunder Bird Trophy
Talon Burst.pngTalon Burst(in Expert mode only)

From any enemy in Hardmode:

Pharaoh's Breath.pngPharaoh's Breath
Desert Key.pngDesert Key(from any enemy, 1/2500 chance)

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Underground Layers Aquatic Depths • Cavern • Underground Desert • Underground Hallow • Underground Jungle • Underground Snow • The Underworld
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