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The Developers are the people who work on the Thorium Mod and its associated projects.

Current developers[edit | edit source]

DivermanSam[edit | edit source]

Nickname(s) Diver, 'King Idiot'
Forum profile TCF
Position Founder, Lead Developer, Lead Programmer, Lead Designer, Quality Director, Artist, Wiki Administrator (current)
Born November 21, 1997 (Age 22)
Lives in United States
Grand Thorium armor.pngGrand Thorium armor

DivermanSam is the founder and current owner of the Thorium Mod. He started the project in early 2013, where it was adapted to the Terraria modding tools 'tConfig', 'tAPI', and currently 'tModLoader'. After a short break in late 2018, he has returned and continues his role as the lead programmer and developer of the mod.

Uncle Danny[edit | edit source]

Tymon Simonides
Nickname(s) Uncle Danny, Danny, Tymon80, Suiracis, Sui, Hrothgard
Forum profile TCF
Position Lead Wiki Administrator, Developer, Designer, Programmer (current)
Born April 23, 1996 (Age 24)
Lives in Gelderland, The Netherlands
Danny's Lament outfit.pngDanny's Lament outfit

Tymon "Uncle Danny" Simonides is the lead wiki editor for the Thorium Mod. He started in late September of 2016 as a wiki editor, and was soon after invited to join the team. He is currently in charge of the wiki project.

AdipemDragon[edit | edit source]

Nickname(s) Adi, Adipem
Forum profile TCF
Position Lead Artist, Designer, Developer (current)
Born March 05, 1998 (Age 22)
Lives in Romania
Chunky armor.pngChunky armor

AdipemDragon is the lead artist for the Thorium Mod. He joined the team on the 20th of April in 2017 after having made several sprite assets for the mod. He is currently the main sprite artist for the mod.

DarkLight[edit | edit source]

Felipe Villalonga
Nickname(s) Dark;Light
Forum profile TCF
Position Programmer, Designer, Developer, Wiki Editor (current)
Born June 10, 1994 (Age 26)
Lives in Venezuela

Felipe "DarkLight" Villalonga is a wiki editor and programmer who joined the team in July of 2017, along with Hayaku. He helped accomplish a great deal of features and even has an update dedicated to him in the form of In December of 2018, he became inactive for a variety of reasons, but returned in late April of 2019.

Hayaku[edit | edit source]

Forum profile Gamepedia
Position Quality Assurance, Developer, Designer, Wiki Administrator (current)
Lives in Poland

Hayaku is a wiki editor and part of the Quality Assurance team. He started out as a wiki editor in May 2017 and joined the team on 20th of July 2017 alongside DarkLight. Currently he is in charge of quality assurance and balancing.

Barometz[edit | edit source]

Nickname(s) Baro
Forum profile Gamepedia
Position Designer, Wiki Administrator (current)
Born August 20, 1998 (Age 22)
Lives in Singapore
Halcandran clothes.pngHalcandran clothes

Barometz is a wiki editor who began contributing in August 2018 and joined the team on December 26th, 2018. He primarily assists through editing the wiki, but also provides critique, suggestions, and sprite work.

EveryoneWasDragged[edit | edit source]

Nickname(s) Cataclysmic, 'The Silent Editor'
Forum profile Gamepedia
Position Wiki Administrator and Editor (current)
Lives in United States
Cataclysmic clothes.pngCataclysmic clothes

EveryoneWasDragged is a wiki administrator who started editing in September 2016, and joined the team sometime after. He is currently a sporadic wiki project manager, primarily focused on creating and updating content pages for large updates.

Brutallama[edit | edit source]

Dallin Heninger
Nickname(s) Brutal
Forum profile TCF
Position Artist, Designer, Developer (current)
Born September 11, 1996 (Age 24)
Lives in United States
Brutal armor.pngBrutal armor

Former developers[edit | edit source]

Krispion[edit | edit source]

Nickname(s) Krisp
Forum profile TCF
Position Wiki Administrator (former)
Born September 3, 1997 (Age 23)
Lives in United States
Mr. Universe clothes.pngMr. Universe clothes

Krispion is a formerly active wiki administrator who joined the team in November of 2016. He became inactive after losing interest in Terraria, although he can still be found around the community on occasion.

Durrani[edit | edit source]

Abdullah Durrani
Nickname(s) Durrani19
Forum profile TCF
Position Artist, Designer, Developer (former)
Born March 14, 1996 (Age 24)
Lives in Surrey, Canada
Ghastly clothes.pngGhastly clothes

Durrani is a formerly active artist for the Thorium Mod who joined the team in early 2016. He has since moved on to creating his own games, but still helps out by making sprites on some occasions.