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Donator Items are dedicated to people who have donated to the development of the Thorium Mod.

All donator items can be identified by their Rarity color donator.png rarity.

Donator Items[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Items[edit | edit source]

Bellerose.png Bellerose Butterfly Staff I.png Butterfly Staff I Butterfly Staff II.png Butterfly Staff II
Chi Lantern.png Chi Lantern Gray 'D' Painting.png Gray 'D' Painting Halloween Spirit.png Halloween Spirit
Holiday's Greeting.png Holiday's Greeting Hollow's Ring.png Hollow's Ring Jeweller's Wall Grip.png Jeweller's Wall Grip
Life Quartz Claymore.png Life Quartz Claymore Life Quartz Shield.png Life Quartz Shield Man Hacker.png Man Hacker
Pink Sludge.png Pink Sludge Prehistoric Amber Staff.png Prehistoric Amber Staff Rich Leaf.png Rich Leaf‎
Sawblade.png Sawblade Simple Broom.png Simple Broom Silver's Fang.png Silver's Fang
Strange Skull.png Strange Skull Super Anvil.png Super Anvil

Hardmode Items[edit | edit source]

Ancient Light.png Ancient Light Bass Booster.png Bass Booster Bio-Pod.png Bio-Pod
Blast Shield.png Blast Shield Bow of Light.png Bow of Light Butterfly Staff III.png Butterfly Staff III
Butterfly Staff IV.png Butterfly Staff IV Carnivore Tail.png Carnivore Tail Cat's Eye Great Staff.png Cat's Eye Great Staff
Celestial Burst Staff.png Celestial Burst Staff Climber's Ice Axe.png Climber's Ice Axe Corrodling Staff.png Corrodling Staff
Cursed Sawblade.png Cursed Sawblade Dazzling Sawblade.png Dazzling Sawblade Delectable Nut.png Delectable Nut
Demo's Guidance.png Demo's Guidance DMR.png DMR Draconic Magma Staff.png Draconic Magma Staff
Energy Catalyst.png Energy Catalyst Erupting Flare.png Erupting Flare Essence of Flame.png Essence of Flame
Eye of Odin.png Eye of Odin Friendly-Fire Staff.png Friendly-Fire Staff Frozen Sawblade.png Frozen Sawblade
Ghastly Carapace.png Ghastly Carapace Ghost Pulse Arrow.png Ghost Pulse Arrow Greedy Magnet.png Greedy Magnet
Grim Flayer.png Grim Flayer Guide's Final Gift.png Guide's Final Gift Happy Home Token.png Happy Home Token
Holy Hammer.png Holy Hammer Lady's Light.png Lady's Light Launch Jumper.png Launch Jumper
Legacy.png Legacy Lightning Staff.png Lightning Staff Mantle of the Protector.png Mantle of the Protector
Master's Libram.png Master's Libram Medium Rare Steak.png Medium Rare Steak Molten Sawblade.png Molten Sawblade
Nebula's Reflection.png Nebula's Reflection Night Staff.png Night Staff Northern Light.png Northern Light
Nova Rifle.png Nova Rifle Nuclear Fury.png Nuclear Fury Otherworldly Rune.png Otherworldly Rune
Phantom Wand.png Phantom Wand Prismatic Spray.png Prismatic Spray Proof of Avarice.png Proof of Avarice
Quasar's Flare.png Quasar's Flare Saba.png Saba Sacred Heart.png Sacred Heart
Shadow Flare Bow.png Shadow Flare Bow Shadow Orb Staff.png Shadow Orb Staff Shu's Wrath.png Shu's Wrath
Spearmint.png Spearmint Super Plasma Cannon.png Super Plasma Cannon Sweet Vengeance.png Sweet Vengeance
Teleologic Imposition.png Teleologic Imposition Terrarian's Last Knife.png Terrarian's Last Knife The Butterfly Staff.png The Butterfly Staff
The Cape of the Survivor.png The Cape of the Survivor‎‎ True Silver's Fang.png True Silver's Fang Vile Sawblade.png Vile Sawblade
Wyvern Slayer.png Wyvern Slayer Yuma's Pendant.png Yuma's Pendant

Donator Armor[edit | edit source]

Cryo-Magus armor
Item Type
Cryo-Magus' Spark.png Cryo-Magus' Spark
Cryo-Magus' Tabard.png Cryo-Magus' Tabard Magic Armor
Cryo-Magus' Leggings.png Cryo-Magus' Leggings
Circuit Breaker armor
Item Type
Circuit Breaker's Headgear.png Circuit Breaker's Headgear
Circuit Breaker's Breastplate.png Circuit Breaker's Breastplate Magic Armor
Circuit Breaker's Leggings.png Circuit Breaker's Leggings
Folv's Ancient armor
Item Type
Folv's Ancient Hat.png Folv's Ancient Hat
Folv's Ancient Robe.png Folv's Ancient Robe Magic Armor
Folv's Ancient Legging.png Folv's Ancient Legging
Lunatic's Prime clothes
Item Type
Lunatic's Prime Hood.png Lunatic's Prime Hood
Lunatic's Prime Robe.png Lunatic's Prime Robe Vanity Set
Lunatic's Prime Leggings.png Lunatic's Prime Leggings
Abyssal Walker's clothes
Item Type
Abyssal Walker's Hood.png Abyssal Walker's Hood
Abyssal Walker's Cuirass.png Abyssal Walker's Cuirass Vanity Set
Abyssal Walker's Boots.png Abyssal Walker's Boots
Greedy clothes
Item Type
Greedy Hat.png Greedy Hat
Greedy Shirt.png Greedy Shirt Vanity Set
Greedy Pants.png Greedy Pants
Feral-Fur armor
Item Type
Feral-Fur Head.png Feral-Fur Head
Feral-Fur Chest.png Feral-Fur Chest Melee and
Feral-Fur Legs.png Feral-Fur Legs
Promotional Content