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Donator Items are dedicated to people who have donated to the development of the Thorium Mod, they are however available to all players.

All donator items can be identified by their Rarity color donator.png rarity.

Donator Items[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Items[edit | edit source]

Hardmode Items[edit | edit source]

Donator Vanity[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Walker's clothes
Abyssal Walker's Hood.png Abyssal Walker's Hood
Abyssal Walker's Cuirass.png Abyssal Walker's Cuirass
Abyssal Walker's Boots.png Abyssal Walker's Boots
Cephalopod set
Cephalopod Helmet.png Cephalopod Helmet
Cephalopod Suit.png Cephalopod Suit
Cephalopod Leggings.png Cephalopod Leggings
Dark Nexus clothes
Dark Nexus Mask.png Dark Nexus Mask
Dark Nexus Robe.png Dark Nexus Robe
Dark Nexus Leggings.png Dark Nexus Leggings
Explosive clothes
Explosive Hat.png Explosive Hat
Explosive Cloak.png Explosive Cloak
Explosive Booties.png Explosive Booties
Feral-Fur armor
Feral-Fur Head.png Feral-Fur Head
Feral-Fur Chest.png Feral-Fur Chest
Feral-Fur Legs.png Feral-Fur Legs
Folv's Ancient armor
Folv's Ancient Hat.png Folv's Ancient Hat
Folv's Ancient Robe.png Folv's Ancient Robe
Folv's Ancient Legging.png Folv's Ancient Legging
Greedy clothes
Greedy Hat.png Greedy Hat
Greedy Shirt.png Greedy Shirt
Greedy Pants.png Greedy Pants
Hoke vanity
Hoke's Mask.png Hoke's Mask
Hoke's Garb.png Hoke's Garb
Lunatic vanity
Lunatic's Hood.png Lunatic's Hood
Lunatic's Robe.png Lunatic's Robe
Lunatic's Leggings.png Lunatic's Leggings
Meat Shield clothes
Meat Shield's Wig.png Meat Shield's Wig
Meat Shield's Vest.png Meat Shield's Vest
Meat Shield's Boots.png Meat Shield's Boots
Nevermore vanity
Nevermore Hood.png Nevermore Hood
Nevermore Chestpiece.png Nevermore Chestpiece
Nevermore Leggings.png Nevermore Leggings
Protogen set
Protogen Mask.png Protogen Mask
Protogen Suit.png Protogen Suit
Protogen Leggings.png Protogen Leggings
Stealth set
Stealth Bandanna.png Stealth Bandanna
Stealth Shirt.png Stealth Shirt
Stealth Pants.png Stealth Pants
Useless clothes
Useless Wig.png Useless Wig
Useless Vest.png Useless Vest
Useless Boots.png Useless Boots