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The Dungeon features 5 new enemies in pre-Hardmode, 1 new enemy in Hardmode and 5 new critters that aim to increase the variety of enemies in the game. It also features new locked Gold Chest loot.

Content[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Darksteel Knight.png Darksteel Knight
Shambler.png Shambler
Raging Minotaur.png Raging Minotaur
Gelatinous Cube.png Gelatinous Cube
Sludge.png Sludge
(From Gelatinous Cube)

In Hardmode:

Necro Pot Mimic.png Necro Pot Mimic


Bone Butterfly.png Bone Butterfly

In blue dungeon:

Blue Dungeon Butterfly.png Blue Dungeon Butterfly

In green dungeon:

Green Dungeon Butterfly.png Green Dungeon Butterfly

In pink dungeon:

Pink Dungeon Butterfly.png Pink Dungeon Butterfly

After Plantera has been defeated:

Ectoplasmic Butterfly.png Ectoplasmic Butterfly

From locked Gold Chests (alongside normal items):

Bone Reaper.png Bone Reaper
Stream Sting.png Stream Sting
High Tide.png High Tide


Darksteel Knight Banner.png Darksteel Knight
Shambler Banner.png Shambler
Raging Minotaur Banner.png Raging Minotaur
Gelatinous Cube Banner.png Gelatinous Cube
Necro Pot Mimic Banner.png Necro Pot Mimic

From Darksteel Knights:

Broken Darksteel Helmet.png Broken Darksteel Helmet
Darksteel Core.png Darksteel Core
Gray 'D' Painting.png Gray 'D' Painting

From Shamblers:

Ball n' Chain.png Ball n' Chain
Bone.png Bone

From Raging Minotaurs:

Minotaur Skull.png Minotaur Skull

From Gelatinous Cubes:

Jelly.png Jelly

From Dungeon Slimes (after defeating Plantera):

Corrodling Staff.png Corrodling Staff

From Necro Pot Mimics:

Ghostly Grapple.png Ghostly Grapple
Ectoplasm.png Ectoplasm
Nazar.png Nazar

From Skeleton Commandos:

Launch Jumper.png Launch Jumper

From Diabolists, Ragged Casters & Necromancers:

Gateway Glass.png Gateway Glass

From Paladins:

Holy Knight's Alloy.png Holy Knight's Alloy
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