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The Dungeon features 6 new enemies in pre-Hardmode and 1 new enemy in Hardmode that aim to increase the variety of enemies in the game. It also adds a new Mini Boss, Illusionist, and features new locked Gold Chest loot.

Content[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Big Bone.pngBig Bone
Darksteel Knight.pngDarksteel Knight
Raging Minotaur.pngRaging Minotaur
Gelatinous Cube.pngGelatinous Cube
Sludge.pngSludge(From Gelatinous Cube)

In Hardmode:

Necro Pot Mimic.pngNecro Pot Mimic

From locked Gold Chests (alongside normal items):

Bone Reaper.pngBone Reaper
Stream Sting.pngStream Sting
High Tide.pngHigh Tide
Naiad's Shiv.pngNaiad's Shiv
Strongest Link.pngStrongest Link

Hardmode post-Plantera
from Biome Chests:

Pharaoh's Slab.pngPharaoh's Slab
Phoenix Staff.pngPhoenix Staff


Darksteel Knight Banner.pngDarksteel Knight Banner
Shambler Banner.pngShambler Banner
Raging Minotaur Banner.pngRaging Minotaur Banner
Gelatinous Cube Banner.pngGelatinous Cube Banner
Necro Pot Mimic Banner.pngNecro Pot Mimic Banner

From Cursed Skulls:

Spirit Droplet.pngSpirit Droplet
Spectral Fang.pngSpectral Fang

From Big Bones and Shamblers:

Golden Key.pngGolden Key
Bone Wand.pngBone Wand
Clothier Voodoo Doll.pngClothier Voodoo Doll
Ancient Necro Helmet.pngAncient Necro Helmet
Tally Counter.pngTally Counter

From Darksteel Knights:

Broken Darksteel Helmet.pngBroken Darksteel Helmet
Gray 'D' Painting.pngGray 'D' Painting

From Big Bones:

Grave Goods.pngGrave Goods

From Shamblers:

Ball n' Chain.pngBall n' Chain

From Raging Minotaurs:

Minotaur Skull.pngMinotaur Skull
Elephant Gun.pngElephant Gun

From Gelatinous Cubes:


From Illusionist:

Mage Hand.pngMage Hand
Scrying Glass.pngScrying Glass
Spirit Droplet.pngSpirit Droplet

From Dungeon Slimes (after defeating Plantera):

Corrodling Staff.pngCorrodling Staff

From Necro Pot Mimics:

Ghostly Grapple.pngGhostly Grapple

From Skeleton Commandos:

Launch Jumper.pngLaunch Jumper

From Diabolists, Ragged Casters & Necromancers:

Gateway Glass.pngGateway Glass

From Paladins:

Holy Knight's Alloy.pngHoly Knight's Alloy

Hardmode Post-Plantera plundering:

Aquatic Depths Chest.png  Desert Chest.png  Underworld Chest.png
Biome Chests - Key needed Aquatic Depths Key.pngDesert Key.pngUnderworld Key.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

Surface Layers Desert • Ocean • Snow • Surface • The Corruption • The Crimson • The Hallow
Underground Layers Aquatic Depths • Cavern • Ice • Underground Desert • Underground Hallow • Underground Jungle • The Underworld
Special Biomes and Structures Blood Chamber • Dungeon • Floating Island • Glowing Mushroom • Granite Cave • Lihzahrd Temple • Marble Cave • Meteorite • Spider Nest