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An Emblem is a type of accessory that adds a percentage bonus to player-dealt damage of a certain type. Thorium adds 4 new emblems to the game.

Three drop from the Wall of Flesh:

  • Bard Emblem.pngBard Emblem increases symphonic damage by 15%.
  • Cleric Emblem.pngCleric Emblem increases radiant damage by 12% and healing spells will heal an additional 1 life.
  • Ninja Emblem.pngNinja Emblem increases throwing damage by 15%.

One is an upgrade to the Cleric Emblem:

  • Arcanite Emblem.pngArcanite Emblem increases maximum life and mana by 20, increases radiant damage by 5% and healing spells will heal an additional 1 life.