Enemy Repellents

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Enemy Repellents are a type of consumable item provided every half day by the Confused Zombie for 20000*2 Gold Coin.png. Each provides the player with a buff that makes a particular variety of enemy temporarily passive, meaning they will neither chase the player nor deal damage to them.

Only one repellent can be used at a time, and activating a second will cancel the first.

All repellents will last for 10 minutes, except for the Skeleton Repellent and Insect Repellent, which last only 5.

Types[edit | edit source]

Repellent Buff Makes passive
Bat Repellent.pngBat Repellent Repellent - Bats.pngRepellent - Bats Bat-type enemies
Fish Repellent.pngFish Repellent Repellent - Fish.pngRepellent - Fish Fish-type enemies
Insect Repellent.pngInsect Repellent Repellent - Insects.pngRepellent - Insects Insect-type enemies
Skeleton Repellent.pngSkeleton Repellent Repellent - Skeletons.pngRepellent - Skeletons Skeleton-type enemies
Zombie Repellent.pngZombie Repellent Repellent - Zombies.pngRepellent - Zombies Zombie-type enemies

History[edit | edit source]

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