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Icon Name Source Effect Tooltip Duration
Abyssal Shell (buff).png Abyssal Shell (buff) Activating the Encase key with the Abyssal Shell equipped Invulnerability at the cost of mobility, life regen and damage output Just about nothing can harm you! Infinite until cancelled
Aquamancer.png Aquamancer Naga-Skin armor Every 75 mana spent will dramatically increase your magic damage and casting speed briefly Your magic damage and speed are increased substantially 2 seconds
Aquatic Aptitude.png Aquatic Aptitude Sea Breeze Pendant Damage increased by 10% while standing or fully submerged in water Damage increased by 10% Infinite while in water, 1 second afterward
Astral Shield.png Astral Shield Astral Barrier Wand 10% thorns effect and an astral shield appears on both sides of the player that has very strong knockback and applies Light Curse to struck enemies You are protected by an astral barrier Infinite
Counter Strike.png Counter Strike Rapier Badge Increases melee speed by 20% melee critical strike chance by 100% Now is the time to strike! 2 seconds
Dangerous Game.png Dangerous Game Danger armor Additional 6% melee critical strike chance and melee speed increased by 10% 10% increased melee damage & 6% increased melee critical strike chance 5 seconds
Demonic Dance (buff).png Demonic Dance Devil Dagger Damage increased by 20% Dealing 20% more damage 3 seconds, after killing an enemy
Devil's Grasp.png Devil's Grasp Devil's Carapace Taking fatal damage instead restores 100 life and grants 3 seconds of invincibility Taking fatal damage will instead return you to 100 life Infinite
Emergency Air Tank (buff).png Emergency Air Tank (buff) Emergency Air Tank Your breath will be instantly refilled by the air tank right before it runs out. Your breath will be replenished if it reaches critical level Infinite while the air tank is in your inventory
Enchanted.png Enchanted After striking an enemy with the Enchanter's Sword or True Enchanter's Sword Magic damage increased by 8%, magical critical hit chance increased by 6%, mana costs reduced by 15% and mana regeneration increased Your magical abilities are enhanced 5/10 seconds
Enchanted Shield (buff).png Enchanted Shield Enchanted Barrier Wand 10% thorns effect and a magical shield appears on both sides of the player that has very strong knockback and applies Granite Surge to struck enemies You are protected by a magical barrier 2 minutes
Escape Rocket (buff).png Escape Rocket Using an Escape Rocket Accelerates the player upwards The fiery thrusters are on full blast 3 seconds
Flesh Frenzy.png Flesh Frenzy Picking up Suitable Flesh Damage increased by 10% Your symbiotic consumption has increased your damage by 10% 5 seconds
Gateway.png Gateway Gateway Glass The player is able to teleport to the set gateway spot Your gateway is somewhere out there... 2 minutes
Ghastly Soul.png Ghastly Soul Taking fatal damage while wearing the Ghastly Carapace Teleports the player to its spawn point Taking fatal damage will return you home 1 second
Gravity Proficiency.png Gravity Proficiency From wearing Valadium armor while gravity is reversed Ranged damage increased by 12% while gravity is reversed Ranged damage increased by 12% Infinite while gravity is reversed, 1 second afterward
Instability.png Instability When current mana is above 200 while wearing Harbinger armor Magic damage increased by 65%, magical critical strike chance increased by 26%, lose 5 life per second till 200 life Magic damage increased by 65%, but your physical form can barely handle it When current mana is above 200, 1 second afterward
Liches Backup.png Liches Backup Phylactery Taking fatal damage instead restores 20 life and grants 3 seconds of invincibility Taking fatal damage will instead return you to 20 life Infinite
Mightily Enchanted.png Mightily Enchanted Striking an enemy with Spectral Blade Magic damage increased by 15%, magical critical hit chance increased by 11%, mana costs reduced by 15% and mana regeneration increased greatly Your magical abilities are enhanced greatly 10 seconds
Oceans Buffer.png Oceans Buffer Activating the Armor Ability key when the Tide Turner's Depth-Helmet set is equipped Any incoming non-lethal damage will become double the amount as healing instead. Activates Exhaustion - Ocean's Buffer for 60 seconds Incoming non-lethal damage will become life 10 seconds
Over Growth.png Over Growth Striking an enemy with Blooming Blade, Petal Bloom and Petal Wand Damage increased by 5%, critical strike chance increased by 2%, movement speed increased by 10%, melee speed increased by 5%, life regeneration increased slightly Various combat stats are enhanced! 5/3/3 seconds
Parry Stance.png Parry Stance Striking an enemy with Rapier Damage reduction increased by 10% Damage taken reduced by 10% 3 seconds
Sanguine (buff).png Sanguine Upon taking damage with Demon Blood Badge equipped Damage reduction increased by 10%, life regeneration increased greatly Damage reduction increased by 10% and Life regeneration increased greatly 5 seconds
Soul Harvest (buff).png Soul Harvest Soul Fragments dropped from enemies when wearing the Lich armor Throwing damage increased by 15%, throwing velocity increased by 15% 15% increased throwing damage and velocity 5 seconds
Terraria's Guard.png Terraria's Guard Terrarium Defender Defense increased by 20 The forces of Terraria are protecting you When life is below 100, 1 second afterward1
Terraria's Kiss.png Terraria's Kiss Terrarium Defender Life regeneration increased greatly (~10HP/s) The forces of Terraria are healing you When life is below 75, 1 second afterward1
True Strikes.png True Strikes Pressing the Accessory Ability key while Lich's Gaze is equipped Throwing critical strike chance set to 100% Thrown damage will critically strike 15 seconds
Unleashed.png Unleashed Leaving the cocoon when the Flawless Chrysalis is equipped Increases attack speed and damage by 30% Your attack speed and damage has been increased by 30% 10 seconds
Wind Burst.png Wind Burst Sandstone Pickaxe, Sandstone Axe and Sandstone Hammer Increases mining speed by 15% Your tool speed is increased by 15% 1 second

1The buffs themselves are merely visual indicators of the effects. The defense bonus and regeneration are innate to the item. (i.e. Although the Terraria's Kiss buff icon lasts for 1 second after reaching 75 life, the regeneration stops immediately.)

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