Full Stomach

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Full Stomach
Full Stomach.png
Type Debuff
Effects Cannot eat another Cook's Food
Tooltip You couldn't eat another bite!

Full Stomach is a debuff that prevents the player from using another Cook's Food item for 45 seconds after eating one. It is similar to the Potion Sickness debuff that is applied after drinking a healing potion.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From Duration
Apple Pie.pngApple Pie 45 seconds
Protein Shake.pngProtein Shake
Steamed Carrots.pngSteamed Carrots
Ice Cream.pngIce Cream
Slice of Cake.pngSlice of Cake
Sunny Day Lemonade.pngSunny Day Lemonade
Sauteed Shroom.pngSauteed Shroom
Prickly Jam.pngPrickly Jam
The Mistake.pngThe Mistake
Questionable Rib Rack.pngQuestionable Rib Rack
Mean n' Green Stew.pngMean n' Green Stew
Sea Spaghetti.pngSea Spaghetti
Blueberry Salad.pngBlueberry Salad
Sky Bloom Cocktail.pngSky Bloom Cocktail
Blood Root Goop.pngBlood Root Goop
Glowing Souffle.pngGlowing Souffle
Etherian Grog.pngEtherian Grog
Life Fruit Platter.pngLife Fruit Platter
Mana Delight.pngMana Delight
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