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The Thorium Mod adds three new sets of furniture, a variety of new Crafting stations, and an assortment of various functional and decorative furniture items.

Crafting stations

Thorium Work Bench.pngThorium Work Bench

Yew-Wood Work Bench.pngYew-Wood Work Bench

Marine Work Bench.pngMarine Work Bench

Thorium Anvil.pngThorium Anvil

Thorium Sink.pngThorium Sink

Marine Sink.pngMarine Sink

Arcane Armor Fabricator.pngArcane Armor Fabricator

Thorium Bookcase.pngThorium Bookcase

Yew-Wood Bookcase.pngYew-Wood Bookcase

Marine Bookcase.pngMarine Bookcase

Soul Forge.pngSoul Forge

Grim Pedestal.pngGrim Pedestal

Guide's Final Gift.pngGuide's Final Gift

Light sources

Thorium Candle.pngThorium Candle

Marine Candle.pngMarine Candle

Thorium Candelabra.pngThorium Candelabra

Thorium Lamp.pngThorium Lamp

Marine Lamp.pngMarine Lamp

Thorium Lantern.pngThorium Lantern

Marine Lantern.pngMarine Lantern

Magenta Torch.pngMagenta Torch

Black Torch.pngBlack Torch

Thorium Chandelier.pngThorium Chandelier

Marine Chandelier.pngMarine Chandelier


Thorium Chest.pngThorium Chest

Yew-Wood Chest.pngYew-Wood Chest

Marine Chest.pngMarine Chest

Depth Chest.pngDepth Chest


Thorium Bed.pngThorium Bed

Yew-Wood Bed.pngYew-Wood Bed

Marine Bed.pngMarine Bed

Fragile Chandelier.pngFragile Chandelier

U.F.O. Banner.pngBanner

Thorium Door.pngThorium Door

Yew-Wood Door.pngYew-Wood Door

Marine Door.pngMarine Door

Happy Home Token.pngHappy Home Token

Thorium Block Platform.pngThorium Block Platform

Yew-Wood Platform.pngYew-Wood Platform

Refined Marine Platform.pngRefined Marine Platform

Marine Kelp Planter Box.pngMarine Kelp Planter Box

Music Box (Aquatic Depths).pngMusic Box (Aquatic Depths)

Music Box (Fallen Beholder).pngMusic Box (Fallen Beholder)

Music Box (Viscount).pngMusic Box (Viscount)

Music Note Statue.pngMusic Note Statue


Conductor's Stand.pngConductor's Stand

Altar (Healer).pngAltar (Healer)

Ninja Rack.pngNinja Rack

Tracker's Board.pngTracker's Board


Thorium Chair.pngThorium Chair

Yew-Wood Chair.pngYew-Wood Chair

Marine Chair.pngMarine Chair

Thorium Chalice.pngThorium Chalice

Thorium Table.pngThorium Table

Yew-Wood Table.pngYew-Wood Table

Marine Table.pngMarine Table

Yew-Wood Fence.pngYew-Wood Fence

Thorium Bar.pngBars and Ingots



Strange Crate.pngStrange Crate

Slice of Cake.pngCook's Food

Darksteel Helmet Stand.pngDarksteel Helmet Stand

Gray 'D' Painting.pngGray 'D' Painting

Study of Lich.pngStudy of Lich

Ragnarok Trophy.pngTrophy

History[edit | edit source]

Furniture: Thorium Anvil.png Crafting Stations • Marine Lantern.png Light Sources • Depth Chest.png Storage Items • Darksteel Helmet Stand.png Other Items