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Furniture sets are groups of Furniture items that each exhibit a distinct theme and are therefore similar in appearance and style. The Thorium Mod introduces 12 new sets of furniture.

Types[edit | edit source]

The following table displays the different furniture sets:

Type Source Bathtub Bed Bookcase Candelabra Candle Chandelier Chair Chest Clock Cup Door Dresser Lamp Lantern Piano Platform Sink Sofa Table Toilet Work Bench
Cursed Cursed Block.png Cursed Bathtub.png Cursed Bed.png Cursed Bookcase.png Cursed Candelabra.png Cursed Candle.png Cursed Chandelier.png Cursed Chair.png Cursed Chest.png Cursed Clock.png Cursed Cup.png Cursed Door.png Cursed Dresser.png Cursed Lamp.png Cursed Lantern.png Cursed Piano.png Cursed Platform.png Cursed Sink.png Cursed Sofa.png Cursed Table.png Cursed Toilet.png Cursed Work Bench.png
Lodestone Lodestone Slab.png Lodestone Bathtub.png Lodestone Bed.png Lodestone Bookcase.png Lodestone Candelabra.png Lodestone Candle.png Lodestone Chandelier.png Lodestone Chair.png Lodestone Chest.png Lodestone Clock.png Lodestone Cup.png Lodestone Door.png Lodestone Dresser.png Lodestone Lamp.png Lodestone Lantern.png Lodestone Piano.png Lodestone Platform.png Lodestone Sink.png Lodestone Sofa.png Lodestone Table.png Lodestone Toilet.png Lodestone Work Bench.png
Marine Refined Marine Block.png Marine Bathtub.png Marine Bed.png Marine Bookcase.png Marine Candelabra.png Marine Candle.png Marine Chandelier.png Marine Chair.png Marine Chest.png Marine Clock.png Marine Cup.png Marine Door.png Marine Dresser.png Marine Lamp.png Marine Lantern.png Marine Piano.png Refined Marine Platform.png Marine Sink.png Marine Sofa.png Marine Table.png Marine Toilet.png Marine Work Bench.png
Naga Naga Block.png Naga Bathtub.png Naga Bed.png Naga Bookcase.png Naga Candelabra.png Naga Candle.png Naga Chandelier.png Naga Chair.png Naga Chest.png Naga Clock.png Naga Cup.png Naga Door.png Naga Dresser.png Naga Lamp.png Naga Lantern.png Naga Piano.png Naga Platform.png Naga Sink.png Naga Sofa.png Naga Table.png Naga Toilet.png Naga Work Bench.png
Ornate Ornate Block.png Ornate Bathtub.png Ornate Bed.png Ornate Bookcase.png Ornate Candelabra.png Ornate Candle.png Ornate Chandelier.png Ornate Chair.png Ornate Chest.png Ornate Clock.png Ornate Cup.png Ornate Door.png Ornate Dresser.png Ornate Lamp.png Ornate Lantern.png Ornate Piano.png Ornate Platform.png Ornate Sink.png Ornate Sofa.png Ornate Table.png Ornate Toilet.png Ornate Work Bench.png
Permafrost Permafrost.png Permafrost Bathtub.png Permafrost Bed.png Permafrost Bookcase.png Permafrost Candelabra.png Permafrost Candle.png Permafrost Chandelier.png Permafrost Chair.png Permafrost Chest.png Permafrost Clock.png Permafrost Cup.png Permafrost Door.png Permafrost Dresser.png Permafrost Lamp.png Permafrost Lantern.png Permafrost Piano.png Permafrost Platform.png Permafrost Sink.png Permafrost Sofa.png Permafrost Table.png Permafrost Toilet.png Permafrost Work Bench.png
Plate Plate Slab.png Plate Bathtub.png Plate Bed.png Plate Bookcase.png Plate Candelabra.png Plate Candle.png Plate Chandelier.png Plate Chair.png Plate Chest.png Plate Clock.png Plate Cup.png Plate Door.png Plate Dresser.png Plate Lamp.png Plate Lantern.png Plate Piano.png Plate Platform.png Plate Sink.png Plate Sofa.png Plate Table.png Plate Toilet.png Plate Work Bench.png
Scarlet Scarlet Block.png Scarlet Bathtub.png Scarlet Bed.png Scarlet Bookcase.png Scarlet Candelabra.png Scarlet Candle.png Scarlet Chandelier.png Scarlet Chair.png Scarlet Chest.png Scarlet Clock.png Scarlet Cup.png Scarlet Door.png Scarlet Dresser.png Scarlet Lamp.png Scarlet Lantern.png Scarlet Piano.png Scarlet Platform.png Scarlet Sink.png Scarlet Sofa.png Scarlet Table.png Scarlet Toilet.png Scarlet Work Bench.png
Shady Shady Block.png Shady Bathtub.png Shady Bed.png Shady Bookcase.png Shady Candelabra.png Shady Candle.png Shady Chandelier.png Shady Chair.png Shady Chest.png Shady Clock.png Shady Cup.png Shady Door.png Shady Dresser.png Shady Lamp.png Shady Lantern.png Shady Piano.png Shady Platform.png Shady Sink.png Shady Sofa.png Shady Table.png Shady Toilet.png Shady Work Bench.png
Thorium Thorium Block.png Thorium Bathtub.png Thorium Bed.png Thorium Bookcase.png Thorium Candelabra.png Thorium Candle.png Thorium Chandelier.png Thorium Chair.png Thorium Chest.png Thorium Clock.png Thorium Cup.png Thorium Door.png Thorium Dresser.png Thorium Lamp.png Thorium Lantern.png Thorium Piano.png Thorium Block Platform.png Thorium Sink.png Thorium Sofa.png Thorium Table.png Thorium Toilet.png Thorium Work Bench.png
Valadium Valadium Plating.png Valadium Bathtub.png Valadium Bed.png Valadium Bookcase.png Valadium Candelabra.png Valadium Candle.png Valadium Chandelier.png Valadium Chair.png Valadium Chest.png Valadium Clock.png Valadium Cup.png Valadium Door.png Valadium Dresser.png Valadium Lamp.png Valadium Lantern.png Valadium Piano.png Valadium Platform.png Valadium Sink.png Valadium Sofa.png Valadium Table.png Valadium Toilet.png Valadium Work Bench.png
Yew Wood Yew Wood.png Yew Wood Bathtub.png Yew Wood Bed.png Yew Wood Bookcase.png Yew Wood Candelabra.png Yew Wood Candle.png Yew Wood Chandelier.png Yew Wood Chair.png Yew Wood Chest.png Yew Wood Clock.png Yew Wood Cup.png Yew Wood Door.png Yew Wood Dresser.png Yew Wood Lamp.png Yew Wood Lantern.png Yew Wood Piano.png Yew Wood Platform.png Yew Wood Sink.png Yew Wood Sofa.png Yew Wood Table.png Yew Wood Toilet.png Yew Wood Work Bench.png

Individual items[edit | edit source]

There are also individual items that do not fit into one of the above sets but are of the above item types.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

    • Introduced Cursed, Naga, Shady, and Valadium furniture sets.
    • Introduced Cups and Toilets.
  • Introduced Ornate and Scarlet furniture sets.
    • Introduced Lodestone, Permafrost, and Plate furniture sets.
    • Completed Marine, Thorium, and Yew Wood furniture sets.
  • Introduced Marine and Yew Wood furniture sets.
  • Introduced Thorium furniture set.
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