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There are 3 new Game Controls that have to be assigned manually by the player upon starting a new world.

Special Ability[edit | edit source]

See Special Ability

The Special Ability key enables the player to activate specific Special Abilities that are granted by worn items.

Shade Gate[edit | edit source]

See Shade Master armor

The Shade Gate key enables the player to teleport to the cursor's location, and is granted by the Shade Master armor under certain conditions.

Encase[edit | edit source]

See Flawless Chrysalis and Abyssal Shell

The Encase key enables the player to encase themselves with the Abyssal Shell or the Flawless Chrysalis.

When the Flawless Chrysalis is equipped, the player is encased in a fragile cocoon briefly, after which they'll gain the Unleashed buff, briefly increasing attack speed and damage by 30%.

When the Abyssal Shell is equipped, the player is encased in shell, giving the player the Abyssal Shell buff, granting invulnerability to damage at the cost of not being able to move.

Quick Eat[edit | edit source]

See Cook's Food

The Quick Eat key makes the player consume the first Cook's Food item in their inventory.

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