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One of the significant additions by the Thorium Mod is the new class added: the Healer class. As the name suggests, the Healer class aims at providing health to allies, and functions as a support role in a multiplayer setting. Only allied players can be healed, as NPCs do not receive the healing effect.

The Healer class is most useful when playing multiplayer, as the class's healing and support spell items focus on healing allies and do not deal damage to enemies (some exceptions include the Life Surge Staff and Holy Staff with the former dealing damage to enemies after successfully healing an ally and the latter being able to heal the casting player). However, it does feature its own damage type, radiant, which with radiant weapons can be used against enemies in single player (although some healing bonuses provided by dealing radiant damage will be redundant).

The Healer class is fully developed, with content spread throughout the game. This includes 10 armor sets, 25 accessories, 29 buffs and 87 items.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Additional Healing[edit | edit source]

Most healing sources heal for a base amount as stated in their tooltips. Several items provide additional healing power to the owner, allowing them to increase their healing output. Usually these bonuses to healing cannot be used on the casting player wielding the items, but with spells like the Holy Staff, Twinkle and Spell Book - Renew the player can receive these bonuses along with their allies. Being afflicted by Mana Sickness after drinking Mana Potions also afflicts the player with Out of Touch, negating bonus healing.

Radiant Damage[edit | edit source]

Along with the healer classes new healing abilities, a new damage type has been created specifically for them known as Radiant Damage. The primary way to increase radiant damage is through healer armors, but there exist ulterior ways to increase it as well (Glowing Potion, Dark Intent, etc.) Most, if not all, of the weapons that utilize this damage type have effects that serve to recover the life of an ally or the player.

Auras[edit | edit source]

Auras are temporary rings of various sizes that surround the owner's cursor when activated. They apply beneficial effects to any allies within the Aura, but do not benefit the casting user. These auras do not have to be channeled, meaning the caster can summon an aura, then switch to an appropriate healing item to maximize team power.

Healing Effects[edit | edit source]

Healing done can also trigger certain effects on the healer's target or the caster himself. In certain instances, the target of a healing spell can be the casting player as well.

Source Effect Target Buff Duration
Novice Cleric armor.png Novice Cleric armor Healed for 2 life + Bonus Healing Self N/A N/A
Wynebgwrthucher.png Wynebgwrthucher Healed for 4 life + Bonus Healing Self N/A N/A
Belt of the Quick Response.png Belt of the Quick Response Movement speed is increased by 65% Self Speed Burst.png 3 seconds
The Lost Cross.png The Lost Cross Defense is increased by 20 Target Holy Defense.png 15 seconds
Verdant Ornament.png Verdant Ornament Life regeneration and regeneration rate increased Target Tangy Heal.png 5 seconds
Life Binder armor.png Life Binder armor Maximum life increased by 50 Target Mist Fuelled Bulwark.png 10 seconds
Dream Weaver armor (Hood).png Dream Weaver armor (Hood) Immune to all damage and debuffs Target Dreaming.png 1 second

Accessories[edit | edit source]

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Armor[edit | edit source]

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Buffs[edit | edit source]

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Items[edit | edit source]

Healing Spells[edit | edit source]

Gauze.png Gauze Syringe.png Syringe The Good Book.png The Good Book
The Giga Needle.png The Giga Needle Medical Bag.png Medical Bag Spell Book - Renew.png Spell Book - Renew
Life's Gift.png Life's Gift Spirit Water Pouch.png Spirit Water Pouch Sentinel's Wand.png Sentinel's Wand
Prophecy.png Prophecy Chi Lantern.png Chi Lantern Necrotic Staff.png Necrotic Staff
Twinkle.png Twinkle Tesla Defibrillator.png Tesla Defibrillator Life Surge Staff.png Life Surge Staff
Life Essence Apparatus.png Life Essence Apparatus Holy Staff.png Holy Staff Martyr's Chalice.png Martyr's Chalice
Staff of Sol.png Staff of Sol Mist Weaver.png Mist Weaver Snack-o'-Lantern.png Snack-o'-Lantern
Molecular Stabilizer.png Molecular Stabilizer Divine Staff.png Divine Staff Unbound Fantasy.png Unbound Fantasy

Support Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Book - Cure.png Spell Book - Cure Bloom Guard.png Bloom Guard Energy Manipulator.png Energy Manipulator
Renew Staff.png Renew Staff Aggression Staff.png Aggression Staff Energy Staff.png Energy Staff
Protection Staff.png Protection Staff Frenzy Staff.png Frenzy Staff Lil' Cherub's Wand.png Lil' Cherub's Wand
Null-Zone Staff.png Null-Zone Staff Liberation.png Liberation Life Pulse Staff.png Life Pulse Staff
Ancient Tome of Revival.png Ancient Tome of Revival Dragon Heart Wand.png Dragon Heart Wand Dream Catcher.png Dream Catcher

Radiant Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pill.png Pill Purified Water.png Purified Water Life Quartz Claymore.png Life Quartz Claymore
Heretic Breaker.png Heretic Breaker Dark Scythe.png Dark Scythe Crimson Scythe.png Crimson Scythe
Bone Reaper.png Bone Reaper Bountiful Harvest.png Bountiful Harvest Life Disperser.png Life Disperser
Aquaite Scythe.png Aquaite Scythe Molten Thresher.png Molten Thresher Poison Prickler.png Poison Prickler
Falling Twilight.png Falling Twilight Blood Harvest.png Blood Harvest Lil' Devil's Wand.png Lil' Devil's Wand
Spell Book - Blood Transfusion.png Spell Book - Blood Transfusion Midnight Staff.png Midnight Staff Iridescent Staff.png Iridescent Staff
Bone Baton.png Bone Baton Heavenly Cloud Scepter.png Heavenly Cloud Scepter Tranquil Lyre.png Tranquil Lyre
Hallowed Blessing.png Hallowed Blessing Hallowed Scythe.png Hallowed Scythe Titan Scythe.png Titan Scythe
True Hallowed Scythe.png True Hallowed Scythe True Falling Twilight.png True Falling Twilight True Blood Harvest.png True Blood Harvest
Illumite Scythe.png Illumite Scythe Dread Tearer.png Dread Tearer Demon Blood Ripper.png Demon Blood Ripper
Terra Scythe.png Terra Scythe Morning Dew.png Morning Dew Spirit Bender's Staff.png Spirit Bender's Staff
Friendly-Fire Staff.png Friendly-Fire Staff Holy Hammer.png Holy Hammer Christmas Cheer.png Christmas Cheer
The Black Scythe.png The Black Scythe Terrarium Holy Scythe.png Terrarium Holy Scythe Celestial Burst Staff.png Celestial Burst Staff
Life and Death.png Life and Death Reality Slasher.png Reality Slasher Lucidity.png Lucidity

Crafting Materials[edit | edit source]

Item Function Source
Medicite Crystal.png Medicite Crystal Used to craft early items Sold by the Merchant
Unholy Shards.png Unholy Shards Used to craft Purified Shard Enemies during a Blood Moon
Purified Shard.png Purified Shard Used to craft a variety of Healer items Crafted from 2 Unholy Shards.png at Water.png Water
Life-Powered Energy Cell.png Life-Powered Energy Cell Used to craft a variety of Healer items Dropped by the Mechanical Bosses
Holy Knight's Alloy.png Holy Knight's Alloy Used to craft Fallen Paladin armor and the Holy Hammer Dropped by Paladins
Celestial Fragment.png Celestial Fragment Used to craft a variety of endgame Healer items Dropped by the Celestial Towers

History[edit | edit source]

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