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Life Shield is a mechanic added by the Thorium Mod. It provides a temporary maximum life increase that varies in value per increment depending on the source. This effect stacks with successive applications of the shielding, up to a specified limit, and decays naturally over time. A blue border will appear around the hearts of the player as long as the life shield is active.

Sources[edit | edit source]

From weapons[edit | edit source]

From Maximum Life Increment Limit
Seven Seas Devastator.pngSeven Seas Devastator 1 25
Ocean's Judgement.pngOcean's Judgement 3
Sonic Amplifier.pngSonic Amplifier 5

From tools[edit | edit source]

From Maximum Life Increment Limit
Fortifying Wand.pngFortifying Wand 2 25
War Forger.pngWar Forger 3
Cryotherapy.pngCryotherapy(Cold snap) 25
Shield-Drone Beacon.pngShield-Drone Beacon Casting player's Bonus Healing
Granite Ion Staff.pngGranite Ion Staff 4 50
Barrier Generator.pngBarrier Generator 10

From accessories[edit | edit source]

From Maximum Life Increment Limit
Copper Buckler.pngCopper Buckler 1 10
Tin Buckler.pngTin Buckler 11
Iron Shield.pngIron Shield 12
Lead Shield.pngLead Shield 13
Silver Bulwark.pngSilver Bulwark 14
Tungsten Bulwark.pngTungsten Bulwark 15
Gold Aegis.pngGold Aegis 16
Platinum Aegis.pngPlatinum Aegis 17
Thorium Shield.pngThorium Shield 18
Astro-Beetle Husk.pngAstro-Beetle Husk 25

History[edit | edit source]

Life Shield items

Sonic Amplifier.pngSonic Amplifier • Ocean's Judgement.pngOcean's Judgement • Seven Seas Devastator.pngSeven Seas Devastator
Fortifying Wand.pngFortifying Wand • War Forger.pngWar Forger • Granite Ion Staff.pngGranite Ion Staff • Barrier Generator.pngBarrier Generator • Cryotherapy.pngCryotherapy • Shield-Drone Beacon.pngShield-Drone Beacon
Copper Buckler.pngCopper Buckler • Tin Buckler.pngTin Buckler • Iron Shield.pngIron Shield • Lead Shield.pngLead Shield • Silver Bulwark.pngSilver Bulwark • Tungsten Bulwark.pngTungsten Bulwark • Gold Aegis.pngGold Aegis • Platinum Aegis.pngPlatinum Aegis • Thorium Shield.pngThorium Shield • Astro-Beetle Husk.pngAstro-Beetle Husk

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