Marble Cave

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The Marble Cave features 4 new Post-Skeletron enemies, one new critter and a new boss, The Buried Champion.

The biome receives new enemies upon defeating Skeletron for the first time in a world; this change is notified with the status message, "The pockets of Granite and Marble in your world tremble...".

Content[edit | edit source]

Marble Cave
Characters Unique Drops

After Skeletron has been defeated:

Ancient Archer.png Ancient Archer
Ancient Charger.png Ancient Charger
Ancient Phalanx.png Ancient Phalanx
Bizarre Rock Formation.png Bizarre Rock Formation
The Buried Champion.png The Buried Champion


Ancientwing Butterfly.png Ancientwing Butterfly


Ancient Archer Banner.png Ancient Archer
Ancient Charger Banner.png Ancient Charger
Ancient Phalanx Banner.png Ancient Phalanx

From Ancient Phalanxes:

Ancient Aegis.png Ancient Aegis

From Ancient Archers, Ancient Chargers and Ancient Phalanxes:

Bronze Alloy Fragments.png Bronze Alloy Fragments
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