Meteorite (biome)

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The Meteorite Biome features two new Pre-Hardmode enemies and three new Hardmode enemies in the otherwise simple Meteorite Biome, providing useful drops and the means to summon a boss, The Star Scouter.

Content[edit | edit source]

Meteorite (biome)
Characters Unique Drops
Space Slime.pngSpace Slime

In Hardmode:

Lost Probe.pngLost Probe
Astro Beetle.pngAstro Beetle
Hostile Invader.pngHostile Invader


U.F.O. Banner.pngU.F.O. Banner
Lost Probe Banner.pngLost Probe Banner
Astro Beetle Banner.pngAstro Beetle Banner
Hostile Invader Banner.pngHostile Invader Banner

From Space Slimes:


From U.F.O.s:

Strange Alien Tech.pngStrange Alien Tech

Detached Blaster.pngDetached Blaster

In Hardmode:

From Astro Beetles:

Astro-Beetle Husk.pngAstro-Beetle Husk

From Hostile Invaders:

Vega Phaser.pngVega Phaser

From Lost Probes, Astro Beetles & Hostile Invaders:


Notes[edit | edit source]

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