Midas' Gavel

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Yuma's Pendant.png
Yuma's Pendant.png
This is a donator item! It is dedicated to: BlackghostLT
Midas' Gavel
  • Midas' Gavel item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage48 Melee
Knockback6 Average
Critical chance4%
Use time29 Average
TooltipReleases three midas-inflicting super stars on swing
Inflicts DebuffMidas.pngMidas
Debuff duration5 seconds
Debuff tooltipDrop more money on death
Inflicts DebuffIchor (debuff).pngIchor
Debuff duration5 seconds
Debuff tooltipReduced defense
RarityRarity level: Donator
Buy / Sell5 Platinum Coin.png / 1 Platinum Coin.png

Midas' Gavel is a Hardmode broadsword that is sold by the Pirate. It releases a spread of three super stars that bounces off tiles and pierces through enemies for a distance before slowing to a halt and disappearing. The super stars inflict the Midas and Ichor debuffs onto enemies on hit.

Its best Modifier is Legendary.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This item's appearance and function are based on the Triple Star Copy Ability from Kirby: Squeak Squad.

History[edit | edit source]

    • Nerfed damage from 55 to 48, use time from 23 to 29, and projectile damage from 100% to 25%.
    • Sprite updated.
  • Introduced.
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