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Icon Name Source Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip
Sprout Loyalty.png Sprout Loyalty Living Wood Acorn Summons a brave sprout loyal to your cause
Only one sprout may be active at once
This little guy is giving his all to protect the world
Seahorse.png Seahorse Seahorse Wand Summons a seahorse that spits a barrage of bubbles A buncha' bubbles are on the way!
Butterfly Swarm.png Butterfly Swarm Butterfly Staves 'The latest in butterfly technology'
Summons 4 random butterflies that attack enemies
Each butterfly has a 33% chance to trigger a unique effect
En masse, butterflies pose a great threat to enemies
Hatchling (buff).png Hatchling (buff) Storm-Hatchling Staff Summons a hatchling to zap your foes into dust This hatchling thinks you're its mother!
Rosy Slime (buff).png Rosy Slime (buff) Rosy Slime Staff Summons a daughter of pinky to fight for you Almost as diabolical as Pinky herself
Meteor Head (buff).png Meteor Head (buff) Meteor Head Staff Summons a friendly meteor head to crush your enemies The meteor head has decided to work with you
Dark Risen.png Dark Risen Taboo Wand Summons a necromantic Dark Riser, that can spawn skeletons from defeated enemies
A Dark Riser will occupy 2 minion slots
He's ready to start a skeleton rave party!
Blood Drinker (buff).png Blood Drinker Viscount's Cane Summons a zealous Blood Drinker, that stores up to 10 'blood' as it attacks
When calm and near your side, the blood drinker will heal you based on its blood storage
A Blood Drinker will occupy 2 minion slots
His thirst for blood in insatiable
Rampage.png Rampage Prehistoric Amber Staff Yuma's Pendant.png Summons a T-Rex or angry Pterodactyl to attack your foes These dinos are going crazy!
Blood Zombie (buff).png Blood Zombie (buff) Blood Feaster Staff Summons a flesh eating blood zombie As long as it gets to feed, it won't bother you...
Sparkly Sparkle.png Sparkly Sparkle Lady's Light Yuma's Pendant.png Summons a deceptively destructive bright pink sparkle It's sparkling like crazy
Corruptling (buff).png Corruptling (buff) Corruptling Staff Summons a mini eater of souls that bites into your foes Not all denizens of the corruption want to eat souls...
Crimson Hound (buff).png Crimson Hound (buff) Crimson Hound Staff Summons a grotesque and vicious crimson hound Despite not having a mouth, the hound will find a way to feed...
Blobfish (buff).png Blobfish (buff) Blob-horn Coral Staff Summons a handsome blobfish to attack your enemies Is it cute? Is it ugly? You decide...
Icy Fairy (buff).png Icy Fairy (buff) Ice Fairy Staff Summons an icy fairy to freeze your foes Your enemies better hope they brought a coat!
Dragon Melter.png Dragon Melter Draconic Magma Staff Yuma's Pendant.png Summons a chained molten dragon skull to melt your foes Your foes stand no chance
Mushroom Army.png Mushroom Army Mushymen Staff Summons a spear throwing mush-man Command the forces of Fungus!
Enchanted Tome.png Enchanted Tome Master's Libram Yuma's Pendant.png Summons a random spell book that flings spells at enemies
Flung spells will deal summon damage
A spell flinging tome is assisting you
Beholding.png Beholding Beholder Staff Summons a beholder to lay waste to your foes
A Beholder will occupy 2 minion slots
Beholders will grant you sight of nearby enemies
The Beholder will give sight of and eradicate your foes
Steamgunner Drone.png Steamgunner Drone Steamgunner Controller Yuma's Pendant.png Summons a fast attacking gunner drone to assault nearby enemies
A Steamgunner Drone will occupy 2 minion slots
The drone runs one program: Shoot stuff
Corrodling.png Corrodling Corrodling Staff Yuma's Pendant.png Summons a toxic sludge that corrodes hit enemies Defensive units stand no chance against these little guys!
Eye of Odin (buff).png Eye of Odin (buff) Eye of Odin Yuma's Pendant.png Summons an electric eyeball that fires enemy-chaining lightning A powerful eye is ready to electrocute your foes!
Lee's Weapons (buff).png Lee's Weapons (buff) The Black Cane Summons a pair of shadow weapons that attack enemies
Dealing damage grants you stacking damage
At 100 stacks, your damage will wither away the target for 10 seconds
Some of lee's favorite weapons fight on from the grave...
Enigma (buff).png Enigma (buff) Enigma Rift Staff Tears a rift in reality, bringing forth a volatile Enigma Light bends around the complicated enigma...
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image Nebula's Reflection Yuma's Pendant.png Summons a mirror image of a nebula wielder that attacks enemies
A Nebula Wielder will occupy 2 minion slots
A mirror image is assisting you
Molten Ember.png Molten Ember Ember Staff Summons an ember of Slag Fury, which unleashes molten destruction upon your enemies
An Ember will occupy 2 minion slots
The heat emanating from that thing is unbearable...
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