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Icon Name Source Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip
Enemy Crab.png Enemy Crab Massive Crab Claw Hitch a ride on a gigantic crab
While mounted, you can walk on liquids
Aquatic dwellers beware!
Super Anvil (buff).png Super Anvil Super Anvil Summons a ridable anvil
The anvil can barely move, but is incredibly heavy
Heavier than the weight of your responsibilities
Spectral Tiger (buff).png Spectral Tiger Spectral Fang Summons a mountable spectral tiger Even in death, it's a loyal companion
Wyvern (buff).png Wyvern Nimbus 'Happier days are on the horizon with this little fella'
Summons a mountable Wyvern
Feel the wind in your hair!
Void Chariot.png Void Chariot Tome of the Void Gazer's Chariot 'Become the harbinger of the void'
Summons a mountable Beholder
Who knew it was tamable?
Starving Beast.png Starving Beast Desecrated Heart Calls forth a ridable Starved
While mounted, critical strikes will have a chance to steal life
This beast slobbers in endless hunger
Battle Warg.png Battle Warg Cracked Battle Horn Calls forth a ridable Warg
While mounted, damage done is increased by 5%
Charge into battle upon your ebony warg!
Infernal Hound (buff).png Infernal Hound Molten Collar Calls forth a rideable Infernal Hound
While mounted, you are immune to extreme heat
Run with the fury of Hell!
Magic Broomstick.png Magic Broomstick Magical Broomstick 'Flying monkey's not included'
Summons a rideable flying broomstick
What a world, what a world!
Angry Dragon (buff).png Angry Dragon Medium Rare Steak 'Perfect for a growing dragons diet... I think?'
Summons a mountable Baby Dragon
While mounted, the dragon will spit fireballs at nearby enemies
The fireballs deal the same type of damage as your held weapon
Try to ignore the smell of smoke...
The Whale (buff).png The Whale How to speak Whale - A Biography Summons a mountable Whale Was it really worth it?
Apocalypse.png Apocalyptic Chariot Otherworldly Rune 'Unintelligible voices echo Zerath! Milogop! Tz'rok!'
Summons an apocalyptic chariot
You bring the end of the world...
Status Effects: Buffs • Debuffs
Attack Aquamancer • Artillery • Aquatic Aptitude • Bouncing Flames • Conflagrate • Counter Strike • Dangerous Game • Demonic Dance • Dragon's Flame • Enchanted • Enchanted Barrier • Enraged • Flesh Frenzy • Gravity Proficiency • Icy Veins • Instability • Mightily Enchanted • Over Growth • Soul Harvest • True Strikes • Unleashed • Guardian - Revenge‎
Defense Abyssal Shell • Devil's Grasp • Frost Heart • Liches Backup • Life Water's Gift • Oceans Buffer • Parry Stance • Prickly and Tasty • Sanguine • Season's Greeting • Tasty Jelly • Terraria's Guard • Terraria's Kiss • Guardian Angel • Guardian - Protection‎ • Guardian - Recovery‎
Movement Aqua Affinity • Escape Rocket • Shined Shoes • Blood Rush
Other Silver Tongue • Wind Burst • Hallucination • Untainted Waters • Reality Bearer • Repellent (Bats • Fish • Skeletons • Zombies) • Midnight Oil • It's Christmas • It's Halloween • Gateway
Transformation Squirrel • Goldfish • Molten Maggot • Frog • Bat • Chest Mimic • Beetle • Cybernetic Sphere
Thrower Coating Deep Freeze • Explosive • Gorgan Juice • Spore • Toxic
Other Assassin • Blood Lotus • Burst of Speed • Sleight of Hand
Healer Aura (Holy Shine • Life Regeneration) • Blood Boost • Bloom Boost • Cured • Healing Mastery • Holy Aura • Holy Defense • Holy Power • Illustrious Energy • Liberated • Lil' Cherub • Lil' Devil • Mist Fuelled Bulwark • Null-Zone • Protective Energy • Purified Regeneration • Rebirth • Shield Drone • Speed Burst • Twilight Boost
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Other Audio Overload • Creativity • Earworm • Inspirational Reach • Tick
Summoning Augments Battle Banner • Combative Banner • Morale Banner • Molten Banner • Rallying Aura
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Mounts Enemy Crab • Super Anvil • Spectral Tiger • Wyvern • Void Chariot • Starving Beast • Battle Warg • Infernal Hound • Angry Dragon • The Whale • Apocalypse
Pets Abyssal Bunny • Pink Slime • Glitter Fiend • Curious Coinling • Jellyfish in a Bubble • Lil' Maid • Lost Snowy Owl • Flying Blister • Bio-Feeder • Wyvern Pup • Lil' Mog • Skunk • Tortle Sage • Totally Normal Dog
Light Pets Davy Jones' Lock Box • Inspiring Lantern • Life Spirit • Omega