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Music Sheet
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Music Sheets are special Bard tools that summon grounded instruments at your cursor's position. As long as the Bard moves near the instrument, these will activate for 5 seconds and empower nearby players, as well as perform a special function depending on the instrument. Received empowerments last as long as the player is near the instrument while it's active, and 1 second afterwards.

Types[edit | edit source]

Music Sheet Instrument Empowerment Special Function
Music Sheet - Piano.pngPiano
Inspiring Piano.png
Inspiring Piano Empowerment - Movement Speed.pngMovement Speed Empowers nearby players with Empowerment - Inspiration Regen.pngInspiration Regen
Music Sheet - Congas.pngCongas
Wild Conga.png
Wild Conga Empowerment - Attack Speed.pngAttack Speed Periodically damages nearby enemies
Music Sheet - Steel Drums.pngSteel Drums
Magical Steel Drum.png
Magical Steel Drum Empowerment - Defense.pngDefense Occasionally slows down nearby enemies
Music Sheet - Xylophone.pngXylophone
Hallowed Xylophone.png
Hallowed Xylophone Empowerment - Critical Strike Chance.pngCritical Strike Chance Rapidly confuses nearby enemies
Music Sheet - Harp.pngHarp
Enchanted Harp.png
Enchanted Harp Empowerment - Maximum Mana.pngMaximum Mana Rapidly replenishes the mana of nearby players at 5 mana per second
Music Sheet - Double Bass.pngDouble Bass
Stalwart Bass.png
Stalwart Bass Empowerment - Ammo Consumption.pngAmmo Consumption Unloads sound based mortar strikes on nearby enemies
Music Sheet - Organ.pngOrgan
Haunted Organ.png
Haunted Organ Empowerment - Damage Reduction.pngDamage Reduction Brings forth unstable enemy-homing ghosts
Music Sheet - Turntable.pngTurntable
Bumping Turntable.png
Bumping Turntable Empowerment - Life Regeneration.pngLife Regeneration Charms nearby enemies

History[edit | edit source]

    • Added Turntable.
    • Changed functionality:
      • Instruments now activate for 5 seconds when moving near them rather than activating when staying near them.
      • Multiple instruments can now be summoned at the same time.
      • Received empowerments remain for 1 second after the instrument deactivates or the player leaves its area of effect.
      • All instrument empowerments are now level I.
    • Added Harp and Double Bass.
  • Introduced.
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