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Icon Name Source Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip
Abyssal Bunny (buff).png Abyssal Bunny Abyssal Whistle Summons an abyssal bunny to follow you around This poor guy might be the last of his kind...
Clownfish (buff).png Clownfish Fish Egg Summons a Clownfish in a Bubble to follow you around Don't laugh at him...
Curious Coinling (buff).png Curious Coinling Ancient Drachma Summons curious bag of ancient coins Drachmas don't have much use nowadays...
Experiment 3 (buff).png Experiment #3 Experiment 3 Releases a terrifying baby creature that follows you around Just be glad it's not an adult yet...
Ferret (buff).png Ferret Fragmented Rune Releases a little white noodle to follow you around This little guy just loves to wiggle!
Glitter Fiend (buff).png Glitter Fiend Shiny Object Summons some living glitter to follow you around It's kinda cute...
Jellyfish in a Bubble (buff).png Jellyfish in a Bubble Jellyfish Idol Summons a Jellyfish in a Bubble to follow you around Look at it flying around!
Lil' Maid (buff).png Lil' Maid Simple Broom Summons a cute lil' maid to clean There really isn't much to clean...
Pink Slime (buff).png Pink Slime Pink Slime Egg Summons a bright little flying slime It's so pretty!
Bio-Feeder (buff).png Bio-Feeder Bio-Pod Releases a strange alien creature What a strange little creature...
Flying Blister (buff).png Flying Blister Blister Sack Summons an annoying blister to follow you around It wont leave you alone!
Lil' Mog (buff).png Lil' Mog Delectable Nut 'Kupo! Kupo!'
Summons a little winged friend
He's a cute little guy, aint he?
Lost Snowy Owl.png Lost Snowy Owl Forgotten Letter Summons a Snowy Owl to watch over you Looks like someone isn't getting their mail...
Skunk (buff).png Skunk Aromatic Biscuit Releases a skunk pet to follow you around Don't startle him, or you'll regret it...
Tortle Sage (buff).png Tortle Sage Tortle Scute Summons a young tortle sage to follow you around He's wise beyond his years
Totally Normal Dog.png Totally Normal Dog Fresh Pickle Summons a totally normal dog to follow you around or is it...?
Wyvern Pup (buff).png Wyvern Pup Cloudy Chew Toy Summons a juvenile... wyvern pup? He may be young, be he gives it his all
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