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11 new Pets are added to the Thorium Mod. Like normal Terraria pets, they serve no purpose other than to be visually appealing.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Buff Pet Item Source
Curious Coinling (buff).png Curious Coinling.png Curious Coinling Ancient Drachma.png Ancient Drachma Coin Bag Mimic.png Coin Bag Mimic
Glitter Fiend (buff).png Glitter Fiend.png Glitter Fiend Shiny Object.png Shiny Object Tracker.png Tracker
Jellyfish in a Bubble (buff).png Jellyfish in a Bubble.png Jellyfish in a Bubble Jellyfish Idol.png Jellyfish Idol Diverman.png Diverman
Lil' Maid (buff).png Lil' Maid.png Lil' Maid Simple Broom.png Simple Broom Yuma's Pendant.png 8 Iron Bar.png Iron Bar / Lead Bar.png Lead Bar + 15 Hay.png Hay   @   Anvil.png Anvil
Pink Slime (buff).png Pink Slime.png Pink Slime Pink Sludge.png Pink Sludge Yuma's Pendant.png 25 Pink Gel.png Pink Gel   @   Work Bench.png Work Bench

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Buff Pet Item Source
Bio-Feeder (buff).png Bio-Feeder.png Bio-Feeder Bio-Pod.png Bio-Pod Astro Beetle.png Astro Beetle, Lost Probe.png Lost Probe and Hostile Invader.png Hostile Invader
Flying Blister (buff).png Flying Blister.png Flying Blister Blister Sack.png Blister Sack Blister Pod.png Blister Pod
Identified.png I.F.O..png I.F.O. Strange Communicator.png Strange Communicator Lost Probe.png Lost Probe and Hostile Invader.png Hostile Invader
Lil' Mog (buff).png Lil' Mog.png Lil' Mog Delectable Nut.png Delectable Nut Unicorn.png Unicorn, Pixie.png Pixie, Gastropod.png Gastropod and Light Mummy.png Light Mummy
Lost Snowy Owl.png Snowy Owl.png Snowy Owl Forgotten Letter.png Forgotten Letter Snowy Owl.png Snowy Owl
Wyvern Pup (buff).png Wyvern Pup.png Wyvern Pup Cloudy Chew Toy.png Cloudy Chew Toy Wyvern.png Wyvern
Tools: Terrarium Canyon Splitter.png Usual Tools • Twinkle.png Summoning Tools • Chi Lantern.png Healer Tools • Time Warp.png Other Tools
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