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The Thorium mod adds nine new kinds of Plants to the game.

Types[edit | edit source]

Plant Seeds Biome Grows on...
Marine Kelp.png Marine Kelp Marine Kelp Seeds.png Aquatic Depths Mossy Marine Rock
Water Chestnut.png Water Chestnut n/a Aquatic Depths Mossy Marine Rock
Living Leaf Bush.png Living Leaf Bush n/a Surface Grass
Large Coral.png Large Coral n/a Ocean Sand Block
Jungle Flower.png Jungle Flower n/a Underground Jungle Mud Block
Mana Berry.png Mana Berry n/a The Hallow Hallowed Grass
Yew Tree.png Yew Tree Acorn.png Any Marshy Astroturf
Sakura Tree.png Sakura Tree Acorn.png Any Cherry Astroturf
Spooky Tree.png Spooky Tree Acorn.png Any Spooky Astroturf

History[edit | edit source]

  • Introduced Living Leaf Bush and Spooky Tree.
  • Introduced Jungle Flower and Large Coral.
  • Introduced Yew Tree.
  • Introduced Water Chestnut and Sakura Tree.
  • Introduced Marine Kelp.
  • Introduced Mana Berry.
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