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Shoulder Guardians are a special kind of minion, each having a special function. Unlike regular minions they do not count towards the typical minion limit, however, only one shoulder guardian can be active at a time. They are invincible and follow the player for an unlimited amount of time, unless the player dies, summons a replacement shoulder guardian, or cancels the buff.

Shoulder Guardians[edit | edit source]

Item Guardian Function Source
Li'l Cherub's Wand.png Li'l Cherub's Wand Lil' Cherub.png Lil' Cherub Periodically heals nearby hurt allies equal to the casting player's bonus healing, capped at a maximum of 2 Spiritualist.pngSpiritualist during the day after defeating Coznix, The Fallen Beholder
Li'l Devil's Wand.png Li'l Devil's Wand Lil' Devil.png Lil' Devil Attacks nearby enemies and inflicts the On Fire! debuff Spiritualist.pngSpiritualist during the night after defeating Coznix, The Fallen Beholder
Phoenix Staff.png Phoenix Staff Phoenix.png Phoenix Causes nearby allies to respawn 6% quicker and with 6% more life Underworld Chest.pngUnderworld Chest
Shield-Drone Beacon.png Shield-Drone Beacon Shield Drone.png Shield Drone Shields nearby allies with a life shield Martian Officer.pngMartian Officer

History[edit | edit source]

  • Introduced Phoenix Staff.
  • Introduced Shield-Drone Beacon.
  • Introduced Lil' Cherub's Wand and Lil' Devil's Wand.
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