Siren's Lyre

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Siren's Lyre
  • Siren's Lyre item sprite
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String Instrument
Damage100 Symphonic
Knockback5 Average
Critical chance4%
Use time14 Very Fast
TooltipReleases a forceful siren's wail
Critical strikes unleash additional siren wails towards your cursor
RarityRarity Level: 8
Sell100000*10 Gold Coin.png
EmpowermentsEmpowerment - Invincibility Frames.pngEmpowerment - Damage Reduction.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Abyssion, The Forgotten One 1 16.67%
Treasure Bag (Abyssion, The Forgotten One) 1 33.33%

The Siren's Lyre is a Hardmode Bard weapon that is dropped by Abyssion, The Forgotten One. It releases a forceful siren's wail that ricochets off of tiles. Dealing a critical hit with the weapon will unleash an additional siren's wail towards the cursor. When used, it empowers nearby players and the user with the Invincibility Frames III and Damage Reduction III empowerments.

Its best Modifier is Fabled.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As critical hits with this weapon can unleash an additional siren's wail, having high symphonic critical chance can potentially start a chain reaction, provided each siren's wail unleashed critically hits a target.

History[edit | edit source]

    • Buffed damage from 70 to 100, use time from 17 to 14, inspiration cost from 2 to 1, bonus projectile damage from 75% to 100% and nerfed knockback from 6 to 5.
    • Now grants Empowerment - Invincibility Frames III and Empowerment - Damage Reduction III.
  • Introduced.
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