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The Snow Biome features 5 new enemies, of which 4 are exclusive to Blizzards, as well as ice-themed weapons, armor and tools. There is also a Boss that spawns during Hardmode Blizzards, known as the Borean Strider.

Content[edit | edit source]

Snow biome
Characters Unique Drops
Snow Ball.pngSnow Ball

In Hardmode Blizzards:

Snowy Owl.pngSnowy Owl
Blizzard Bat.pngBlizzard Bat
Frost Burnt.pngFrost Burnt
Frost Burnt Flayer.pngFrost Burnt Flayer
Snow Elemental.pngSnow Elemental
Borean Strider.pngBorean Strider(Boss)
Borean Hopper.pngBorean Hopper(From Borean Strider)
Borean Myte.pngBorean Myte(From Borean Strider)


Snow Ball Banner.pngSnow Ball Banner
Snowy Owl Banner.pngSnowy Owl Banner
Blizzard Bat Banner.pngBlizzard Bat Banner
Frost Burnt Banner.pngFrost Burnt Banner
Snow Elemental Banner.pngSnow Elemental Banner

From any enemy:

Icy Shard.pngIcy Shard

From Blizzard Bats, Snowy Owls, Frost Burnt and Snow Elementals:

Strider's Tear.pngStrider's Tear

From Blizzard Bats and Snow Elementals:

Ice Fairy Staff.pngIce Fairy Staff

From Snowy Owls:

Ice Feather.pngIce Feather
Forgotten Letter.pngForgotten Letter

From Frost Burnt Flayers:


From Borean Strider:

Frost Core.pngFrost Core
Glacial Sting.pngGlacial Sting
Borean Fang Staff.pngBorean Fang Staff
Freeze Ray.pngFreeze Ray
The Cryo-Fang.pngThe Cryo-Fang
Borean Strider Mask.pngBorean Strider Mask
Borean Strider Trophy.pngBorean Strider Trophy
Ice Bound Strider Hide.pngIce Bound Strider Hide(in Expert mode only)

Notes[edit | edit source]

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