Spider Nest

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The Spider Nest features 6 new enemies, mainly spawning after the Borean Strider has been defeated and one new critter.

Content[edit | edit source]

Spider Nest
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Hopping Spider.pngHopping Spider
Baby Spider.pngBaby Spider[1]

In Hardmode after the Borean Strider has been defeated:

Black Widow.pngBlack Widow
Brown Recluse.pngBrown Recluse
Recluse Baby.pngRecluse Baby[2]

In Underground Snow

Frost Fang.pngFrost Fang


Zerene Butterfly.pngZerene Butterfly

From Web Covered Chests:


From cobweb-covered corpses:

Incubated Egg.pngIncubated Egg


Hopping Spider Banner.pngHopping Spider Banner
Black Widow Banner.pngBlack Widow Banner
Brown Recluse Banner.pngBrown Recluse Banner
Tarantula Banner.pngTarantula Banner
Frost Fang Banner.pngFrost Fang Banner

From Baby Spiders:

Red Hourglass.pngRed Hourglass

From Frost Fangs, Brown Recluses, Black Widows, and Tarantulas:

Spider Fang.pngSpider Fang

From Black Widows:

Widow's Venom Sack.pngWidow's Venom Sack
  1. Spawned from big cobweb gobs
  2. Spawned by the Brown Recluse

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