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Technique Scroll
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Technique Scrolls are specialized Thrower tools that allow the player to utilize unique offensive, defensive, and movement-related techniques.

Techniques are set by using a specific Technique Scroll, overriding the previously-set technique. Techniques are then activated by pressing the Throwing Technique key, which uses a special resource known as Technique Points. Technique Points are generated by dealing throwing damage, and will be lost outside of throwing combat. The player has 3 Technique Points by default, but can increase it up to 5 with certain throwing equipment.

Types[edit | edit source]

Technique Scroll Technique Points Special Function
Technique - Hidden Blade.pngHidden Blade 1 Releases a damaging hidden blade towards your cursor
Technique - Sticky Explosive.pngSticky Explosive 2 Throws out a sticky bomb, that explodes after a short delay
Technique - Meteor Stomp.pngMeteor Stomp 1 Activate to hurl yourself downwards incredibly quickly, repelling enemies away in the process. Prevents fall damage if used to land on a tile
Technique - Smoke Bomb.pngSmoke Bomb 3 Releases a smoke bomb, briefly granting you damage immunity
Technique - Soul Pulse.pngSoul Pulse 2 Releases a large soul pulse, sending nearby enemies flying away and confusing them
Technique - Blood Lotus.pngBlood Lotus 3 Causes you to stop in place and release a torrent of knives at the nearest enemy. Every hit heals you up to 10% of the damage dealt
Technique - Blinding Dash.pngBlinding Dash 2 Allows you to dash in the direction you're running, stunning nearby enemies in the process
Technique - Stone Palm.pngStone Palm 2 Throws up a stone hand which briefly blocks incoming hostile projectiles
Technique - Gravity Well.pngGravity Well 3 Summons a gravity well upon your cursor's position, sucking in nearby enemies
Technique - Cobra's Bite.pngCobra's Bite 2 Throws out a spread of toxic fangs, which envenom damaged enemies. Has a guaranteed chance to critically strike enemies that are poisoned or envenomed
Technique - Shadow Clone.pngShadow Clone 3 Summons a shadowy ninja clone to briefly assault nearby enemies
Technique - Shadow Dance.pngShadow Dance 2 Teleports you to your cursor's position

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