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Description[edit source]

This template automatically generates a number between the current date and the entered date. The template can be used for the difference between two dates in years, i.e. to find out the age of a person.

Usage[edit source]

All parameters are important. The template can be written as {{age|YYYY|MM|DD}}. It can also be written as {{age|YYYY|M|D}} if the day or the numeral form for the month is less than 10.

First unnamed parameter

YYYY (where YYYY is the year of birth)

Second unnamed parameter

MM (where MM is the month of birth)

Thirt unnamed parameter

DD (where DD is the day of birth)

Examples[edit source]

  • {{age|1900|04|23}} --> 119 (119 years between 23 April, 1900 and 28 February, 2020)
  • {{age|1997|12|15}} --> 22
  • {{age|67|1|3}} --> 1953 (3rd of March, 67 AD)
  • {{age|3000|05|15}} --> -981 (if the date has not been reached yet, the template will display a negative number)