The Ebon Hammer

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The Ebon Hammer
Stack digit 1.png
The Ebon Hammer inventory icon
Pickaxe icon.png 0%   Hammer icon.png 75%   Axe icon.png 0%
Type ToolCrafting material
Damage 18 (Melee)
Knockback 7 (Strong)
Use time 21 (Fast)
Tool speed 18
Rarity Rarity Level: 4
Sell 1 Gold Coin
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Blacksmith 1 100%

The Ebon Hammer is a hammer that drops from the Blacksmith NPC when he dies. The player is required to have this item in their inventory in order to be able to purchase Folded Metal from the Blacksmith, and later craft the Searing Blade, a powerful Hardmode sword.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Searing Blade.png The Ebon Hammer.pngThe Ebon Hammer Mythril Anvil.png Mythril Anvil /
Orichalcum Anvil.png Orichalcum Anvil
Folded Metal.pngFolded Metal
Broken Hero Sword.pngBroken Hero Sword
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