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Most crafting materials can be crafted into a variety of tools. These tools fit in to the tiers of Terraria and provide more seamless progression, as well as a greatly enhanced diversity that adds flavor to the game.

The mod also adds new mounts that have a rare chance from dropping from new enemies, as well as grappling hooks and functional pets.

Multi-use Tools[edit | edit source]

These tools have a combination of more than one use.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Thorium Pax.png Thorium Pax Bronze Pax.png Bronze Pax Ocean Hamaxe.png Ocean Hamaxe
Granite Hamaxe.png Granite Hamaxe Enforced Thorium Pax.png Enforced Thorium Pax

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Titan Pax.png Titan Pax Harbinger Hamaxe.png Harbinger Hamaxe Berserker Hamaxe.png Berserker Hamaxe
Illumite Hamaxe.png Illumite Hamaxe Dread Hamaxe.png Dread Hamaxe Demon Blood Hamaxe.png Demon Blood Hamaxe

Pickaxes and Drills[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Icy Pickaxe.png Icy Pickaxe Sandstone Pickaxe.png Sandstone Pickaxe Ocean Pickaxe.png Ocean Pickaxe
Steel Pickaxe.png Steel Pickaxe Danger Drill.png Danger Drill Magma Pickaxe.png Magma Pickaxe
Hydro Pickaxe.png Hydro Pickaxe Darksteel Pickaxe.png Darksteel Pickaxe Granite Pickaxe.png Granite Pickaxe

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Durasteel Drill.png Durasteel Drill Geode Pickaxe.png Geode Pickaxe Dragon's Pickaxe.png Dragon's Pickaxe
Dragon Drill.png Dragon Drill Flesh Pickaxe.png Flesh Pickaxe Flesh Drill.png Flesh Drill
Lodestone Pickaxe.png Lodestone Pickaxe Valadium Pickaxe.png Valadium Pickaxe Gnome King's Pickaxe.png Gnome King's Pickaxe
Impact Drill.png Impact Drill Harbinger Pickaxe.png Harbinger Pickaxe Berserker Pickaxe.png Berserker Pickaxe
Illumite Pickaxe.png Illumite Pickaxe Illumite Drill.png Illumite Drill Dread Pickaxe.png Dread Pickaxe
Dread Drill.png Dread Drill Demon Blood Pickaxe.png Demon Blood Pickaxe Demon Blood Drill.png Demon Blood Drill
Terrarium Canyon Splitter.png Terrarium Canyon Splitter Terrarium Terraformer.png Terrarium Terraformer

Axes and Chainsaws[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Icy Axe.png Icy Axe Sandstone Axe.png Sandstone Axe Steel Axe.png Steel Axe
Danger Devastator.png Danger Devastator Magma Axe.png Magma Axe Hydro Axe.png Hydro Axe
Darksteel Axe.png Darksteel Axe

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Durasteel Chainsaw.png Durasteel Chainsaw Geode Axe.png Geode Axe Dragon's Axe.png Dragon's Axe
Dragon Chainsaw.png Dragon Chainsaw Flesh Axe.png Flesh Axe Flesh Chainsaw.png Flesh Chainsaw
Lodestone Great Axe.png Lodestone Great Axe Valadium Axe.png Valadium Axe Illumite Chainsaw.png Illumite Chainsaw
Dread Chainsaw.png Dread Chainsaw Demon Blood Chainsaw.png Demon Blood Chainsaw

Hammers[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Sandstone Hammer.png Sandstone Hammer Steel Mallet.png Steel Mallet The Ebon Hammer.png The Ebon Hammer
Hydro Mallet.png Hydro Mallet Magma Hammer.png Magma Hammer Darksteel Mallet.png Darksteel Mallet
Bronze Mallet.png Bronze Mallet

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Durasteel Jackhammer.png Durasteel Jackhammer Geode Mallet.png Geode Mallet Dragon's Mallet.png Dragon's Mallet
Dragon's Jackhammer.png Dragon's Jackhammer Flesh Hammer.png Flesh Hammer Flesh Jackhammer.png Flesh Jackhammer
Lodestone Hammer.png Lodestone Hammer Valadium Hammer.png Valadium Hammer Titan Hammer.png Titan Hammer
Illumite Jackhammer.png Illumite Jackhammer Dread Jackhammer.png Dread Jackhammer Demon Blood Jackhammer.png Demon Blood Jackhammer

Hooks[edit | edit source]

Opal Hook.png Opal Hook Jeweller's Wall Grip.png Jeweller's Wall Grip Devil's Reach.png Devil's Reach
Fungal Hook.png Fungal Hook Neptune's Grasp.png Neptune's Grasp Leviathan.png Leviathan
Ghostly Grapple.png Ghostly Grapple

Fishing Poles[edit | edit source]

Marine Catcher.png Marine Catcher Cartilaged Catcher.png Cartilaged Catcher Terrarium Whale Catcher.png Terrarium Whale Catcher

Healing Spells[edit | edit source]

Gauze.png Gauze Syringe.png Syringe The Good Book.png The Good Book
The Giga Needle.png The Giga Needle Medical Bag.png Medical Bag Spell Book - Renew.png Spell Book - Renew
Life's Gift.png Life's Gift Spirit Water Pouch.png Spirit Water Pouch Rod of Aesculapius.png Rod of Aesculapius
Dark Gift.png Dark Gift Sentinel's Wand.png Sentinel's Wand Prophecy.png Prophecy
Chi Lantern.png Chi Lantern Necrotic Staff.png Necrotic Staff Twinkle.png Twinkle
Tesla Defibrillator.png Tesla Defibrillator Life Surge Staff.png Life Surge Staff Life Essence Apparatus.png Life Essence Apparatus
Holy Staff.png Holy Staff Martyr's Chalice.png Martyr's Chalice Staff of Sol.png Staff of Sol
Mist Weaver.png Mist Weaver Snack-o'-Lantern.png Snack-o'-Lantern Molecular Stabilizer.png Molecular Stabilizer
Divine Staff.png Divine Staff Unbound Fantasy.png Unbound Fantasy

Support Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Book - Cure.png Spell Book - Cure War Forger.png War Forger Bloom Guard.png Bloom Guard
Granite Ion Staff.png Granite Ion Staff Energy Manipulator.png Energy Manipulator Renew Staff.png Renew Staff
Aggression Staff.png Aggression Staff Energy Staff.png Energy Staff Protection Staff.png Protection Staff
Frenzy Staff.png Frenzy Staff Serpent's Bubble Wand.png Serpent's Bubble Wand Lil' Cherub's Wand.png Lil' Cherub's Wand
Null-Zone Staff.png Null-Zone Staff Liberation.png Liberation Life Pulse Staff.png Life Pulse Staff
Ancient Tome of Revival.png Ancient Tome of Revival Shield-Drone Beacon.png Shield-Drone Beacon Dragon Heart Wand.png Dragon Heart Wand
Dream Catcher.png Dream Catcher

Music Sheets[edit | edit source]

Music Sheet - Piano.png Music Sheet - Piano Music Sheet - Congas.png Music Sheet - Congas Music Sheet - Steel Drums.png Music Sheet - Steel Drums
Music Sheet - Xylophone.png Music Sheet - Xylophone Music Sheet - Organ.png Music Sheet - Organ Music Sheet - Harp.png Music Sheet - Harp
Music Sheet - Double Bass.png Music Sheet - Double Bass Music Sheet - Turntable.png Music Sheet - Turntable

Summon Augments[edit | edit source]

Hive Mind.png Hive Mind Battle Banner.png Battle Banner Morale Banner.png Morale Banner
Combat Banner.png Combat Banner Molten Banner.png Molten Banner

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Death Gazer's Glass.png Death Gazer's Glass Gateway Glass.png Gateway Glass Sorcerer's Mirror.png Sorcerer's Mirror
Theseus' Thread.png Theseus' Thread
Butterfly Charm.png Butterfly Charm Deeplight Esca.png Deeplight Esca Emergency Air Tank.png Emergency Air Tank
Empty Air Tank.png Empty Air Tank Greedy Magnet.png Greedy Magnet Loot-a-Rang.png Loot-a-Rang
Mage Hand.png Mage Hand Penguin Wand.png Penguin Wand Queen's Glowstick.png Queen's Glowstick
Time Warp.png Time Warp
Non-held functional items:
Tools: Terrarium Canyon Splitter.png Usual Tools • Twinkle.png Summoning Tools • Chi Lantern.png Healer Tools • Time Warp.png Other Tools
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