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NPC Condition Quote
Merchant.pngMerchant Player has at least 20 inspiration "Ah, a man of music! How well can you carry a tune?" (if the character is male)
"Ah, a woman of music! How well can you carry a tune?" (if the character is female)
"You know, people would pay good money for quality music like yours. Care to hear my business proposition...?"
"In my younger years I was quite the experienced bard too! I've since left that behind me, though."
Nurse.pngNurse Player has at least 3 additional healing "Are you sure you really need my help healing you and your allies? You seem to have it under control..."
"Another healer in town? Ugh, this will be bad for business..."
Skeleton Merchant.pngSkeleton Merchant If Viscount has not been defeated "Got a special deal for ya, straight from this poor lot who wandered into that old Bat's lair unprepared."
"You see a lot when you wander these buried caverns. Why just the other day I stumbled upon some sort of ‘blood stained chamber’. I wonder what it’s purpose was...?"
Pirate.pngPirate If Plantera has been defeated "Aye, so the legends be true… A great and terrible beast lurks beneath the depths, matey. Best if you go and handle it, eh?"
"Aye, I once saw a sea demon risin' from those depths. Somethin' dark, somethin' ancient, somethin'... uhh... You gonna buy somethin'?!"