Underground Jungle

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The Underground Jungle features 7 new Pre-Hardmode enemies and 2 new Hardmode enemies. It also adds a new Mini Boss, Corpse Bloom which only spawns once Skeletron has been defeated.

Content[edit | edit source]

Underground Jungle
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops For Sale
Army Ant.pngArmy Ant
Flying Bio-Mass.pngFlying Bio-Mass
Mud Man.pngMud Man
Strange Bulb.pngStrange Bulb
Mahogany Ent.pngMahogany Ent
Bloom Mahogany Ent.pngBloom Mahogany Ent
Grounded Hag.pngHag

After Skeletron has been defeated:

Corpse Bloom.pngCorpse Bloom(mini-boss)
Corpse Petal.pngCorpse Petal(From Corpse Bloom)
Corpse Weed.pngCorpse Weed(From Corpse Bloom)

In Hardmode:

Moss Wasp.pngMoss Wasp

After any Mechanical Boss has been defeated:

Jungle Boulder Mimic.pngJungle Boulder Mimic

From Ivy Chests:

Forest Ocarina.pngForest Ocarina
The Digester.pngThe Digester


Army Ant Banner.pngArmy Ant Banner
Flying Bio-Mass Banner.pngFlying Bio-Mass Banner
Mud Man Banner.pngMud Man Banner
Strange Bulb Banner.pngStrange Bulb Banner
Mahogany Ent Banner.pngMahogany Ent Banner
Moss Wasp Banner.pngMoss Wasp Banner

From Army Ants:

Hive Mind.pngHive Mind

From Flying Bio-Masss:

Jungle Spores.pngJungle Spores

From Mud Man:

Mud Block.pngMud Block

From Strange Bulbs and Bloom Mahogany Ents:


From Mahogany Ents:

Rich Mahogany.pngRich Mahogany

From Corpse Bloom:

Bloom Guard.pngBloom Guard
Weed Eater.pngWeed Eater

From Moss Wasps:

Tattered Bee Wing.pngTattered Bee Wing

From Giant Tortoises:

Tortle Scute.pngTortle Scute

From Jungle Boulder Mimics:

Absinthe Fury.pngAbsinthe Fury

From all Hardmode enemies:


From Fishing:

Riveting Tadpole.pngRiveting Tadpole

From Clothier:

Hoke's Mask.pngHoke's Mask
Hoke's Garb.pngHoke's Garb

Notes[edit | edit source]

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