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Several Vanity items have been added.

Vanity Pieces[edit | edit source]

Ancient Storm Mask.png Ancient Storm Mask Blacksmith's Apron.png Blacksmith's Apron Ebony Ears.png Ebony Ears
Exile's Garb.png Exile's Garb Thorium Cube.png Thorium Cube

Vanity Sets[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Walker's clothes.png Abyssal Walker's clothes Yuma's Pendant.png Cook's clothes.png Cook's clothes Diver's set.png Diver's set
Lunatic's Prime clothes.png Lunatic's Prime clothes Yuma's Pendant.png Ranger's clothes.png Ranger's clothes Greedy clothes.png Greedy clothes Yuma's Pendant.png

Armor Set Variants[edit | edit source]

These sets are not counted as vanity items, as they have identical stats to their components. However, they have different visual appearance from the original and count as customization items and are thus listed here.

Set Crafting Material Equivalent Set
Ancient Dragon armor.png Ancient Dragon armor Ancient Dragon Scale.png Ancient Dragon Scale Dragon armor.png Dragon armor
Ancient Obsidian armor.png Ancient Obsidian armor Obsidian Ingot.png Obsidian Ingot Granite armor.png Granite armor

Boss Masks[edit | edit source]

Bird Mask.png Bird Mask Jellyfish Hat.png Jellyfish Hat Energy Storm Mask.png Energy Storm Mask
Champion's Helmet.png Champion's Helmet Star Mask.png Star Mask Borean Strider Mask.png Borean Strider Mask
Beholder Mask.png Beholder Mask Lich's Grim Hood.png Lich's Grim Hood Abyssion Mask.png Abyssion Mask
Mask of Tides.png Mask of Tides Mask of Flame.png Mask of Flame Mask of Death.png Mask of Death

Vanity Accessories[edit | edit source]

Leather Gauntlet.png Leather Gauntlet

Developer Sets[edit | edit source]

Brutal armor.png Brutal armor Cataclysmic clothes.png Cataclysmic clothes Chunky armor.png Chunky armor Danny's Lament outfit.png Danny's Lament outfit
Ghastly clothes.png Ghastly clothes Grand Thorium armor.png Grand Thorium armor Mr. Universe clothes.png Mr. Universe clothes Wild clothes.png Wild clothes
Equipable Items: Terrarium Breastplate.png Armor • Zephyr.png Accessories ( Demon Blood Badge.png Combat) • Ebony Ears.png Vanity
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