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Vanquisher Medal

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Vanquisher Medal
  • Vanquisher Medal item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TooltipAcquired from defeating contracted monsters
RarityRarity level: Quest
Sell20 Silver Coin.png

Vanquisher Medals are a form of currency used for the Tracker NPC. They can be obtained by defeating rare monsters assigned by the Tracker.

To purchase every single item available, including 2 Malignant Thread for the armor set, you would need 177 Vanquisher Medal.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Tracker's Board.pngTracker's Board 5 Vanquisher Medal
Tracker's Skinning Blade.pngTracker's Skinning Blade 2 Vanquisher Medal
Shiny Object.pngShiny Object 2 Vanquisher Medal
Rosy Slime Staff.pngRosy Slime Staff 3 Vanquisher Medal
Grim Pedestal.pngGrim Pedestal 5 Vanquisher Medal
Malignant Thread.pngMalignant Thread 2 Vanquisher Medal
Whip.pngWhip 4 Vanquisher Medal
Theseus' Thread.pngTheseus' Thread 10 Vanquisher Medal
Totem Caller.pngTotem Caller 6 Vanquisher Medal
Suspicious Golden Key.pngSuspicious Golden Key 2 Vanquisher Medal
Cursed Hammer (Weapon).pngCursed Hammer 5 Vanquisher Medal
The Almighty Recipe.pngThe Almighty Recipe 6 Vanquisher Medal
Sand Shifter's Pouch.pngSand Shifter's Pouch 10 Vanquisher Medal
Icy Gaze.pngIcy Gaze 8 Vanquisher Medal
Drider's Grace.pngDrider's Grace 8 Vanquisher Medal
Nimbus.pngNimbus 14 Vanquisher Medal
Wormhole Mirror.pngWormhole Mirror 20 Vanquisher Medal
Davy Jones Lock Box.pngDavy Jones Lock Box 10 Vanquisher Medal
Flawless Chrysalis.pngFlawless Chrysalis 10 Vanquisher Medal
God Killer.pngGod Killer 10 Vanquisher Medal
The Black Blade.pngThe Black Blade 25 Vanquisher Medal
The Black Bow.pngThe Black Bow 25 Vanquisher Medal
The Black Staff.pngThe Black Staff 25 Vanquisher Medal
The Black Cane.pngThe Black Cane 25 Vanquisher Medal
The Black Dagger.pngThe Black Dagger 25 Vanquisher Medal
The Black Scythe.pngThe Black Scythe 25 Vanquisher Medal
The Black Otamatone.pngThe Black Otamatone 25 Vanquisher Medal

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Vanquisher Medals only drop from the rare monsters that you have the contract for, whether it is your current contract or a completed contract.

History[edit | edit source]

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