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New Weapons come in a variety of all shapes and sizes, filling up many niches and exploring new ones. Many weapons have unique new effects that set them apart from vanilla weapons, making each playthrough unique.


Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Swords[edit | edit source]

Frost Fire Katana.png Frost Fire Katana Slicicle.png Slicicle Sandstone Scimitar.png Sandstone Scimitar
Ocean Slasher.png Ocean Slasher Steel Blade.png Steel Blade Thunder Talon.png Thunder Talon
Blood Drenched Dagger.png Blood Drenched Dagger Rusty Sword.png Rusty Sword Spoon.png Spoon
Tracker's Skinning Blade.png Tracker's Skinning Blade Thorium Blade.png Thorium Blade Sand Storm Claymore.png Sand Storm Claymore
Whirlpool Saber.png Whirlpool Saber Thorium Dagger.png Thorium Dagger Magma Shiv.png Magma Shiv
Danger Daikatana.png Danger Daikatana Kitchen Knife.png Kitchen Knife Danger Dagger.png Danger Dagger
Magma Blade.png Magma Blade Life Leech.png Life Leech Soul Siphon.png Soul Siphon
Champion's Swift Blade.png Champion's Swift Blade Blooming Blade.png Blooming Blade Granite Saber.png Granite Saber
Bronze Gladius.png Bronze Gladius Darksteel Broadsword.png Darksteel Broadsword Silver's Fang.png Silver's Fang
Star Trail.png Star Trail Bellerose.png Bellerose Thor's Hammer - Melee.png Thor's Hammer - Melee
Blood Thirster.png Blood Thirster

Hardmode Swords[edit | edit source]

Thief's Dagger.png Thief's Dagger Dragon's Tooth.png Dragon's Tooth Tooth of the Consumer.png Tooth of the Consumer
Saba.png Saba Geode Saber.png Geode Saber Rapier.png Rapier
Warp Slicer.png Warp Slicer Durasteel Blade.png Durasteel Blade Grim Flayer.png Grim Flayer
Back Stabber.png Back Stabber Doom Fire Axe.png Doom Fire Axe Thermogenic Impaler.png Thermogenic Impaler
Prime's Fury.png Prime's Fury Scalper.png Scalper Executioner.png Executioner
Valadium Slicer.png Valadium Slicer Bloody High Claw.png Bloody High Claw Glacier.png Glacier
Lodestone Claymore.png Lodestone Claymore Titan Sword.png Titan Sword Illumite Blade.png Illumite Blade
Dread Razor.png Dread Razor The Black Blade.png The Black Blade Sol-Scorched Slab.png Sol-Scorched Slab
Berserker Blade.png Berserker Blade Searing Blade.png Searing Blade True Blood Thirster.png True Blood Thirster
Soul Render.png Soul Render Demon Blood Sword.png Demon Blood Sword True Silver's Fang.png True Silver's Fang
Surtr's Sword.png Surtr's Sword Terrarium Saber.png Terrarium Saber Wyvern Slayer.png Wyvern Slayer
Essence of Flame.png Essence of Flame Terrarian's Last Knife.png Terrarian's Last Knife

Pre-Hardmode Yoyos[edit | edit source]

Scorpain.png Scorpain Aerial.png Aerial Red Hourglass.png Red Hourglass
Illustrious.png Illustrious Sanguine.png Sanguine Nocturnal.png Nocturnal

Hardmode Yoyos[edit | edit source]

Eye of the Destroyer.png Eye of the Destroyer The Sick Throw.gif The Sick Throw

Pre-Hardmode Spears[edit | edit source]

Ice Lance.png Ice Lance Sandstone Spear.png Sandstone Spear Ocean Polearm.png Ocean Polearm
Fork.png Fork Thorium Spear.png Thorium Spear Magma Polearm.png Magma Polearm
Bronze Spear.png Bronze Spear Harpy Talon.png Harpy Talon Pearl Pike.png Pearl Pike
Energy Storm Partisan.png Energy Storm Partisan

Hardmode Spears[edit | edit source]

Geode Spear.png Geode Spear Dragon's Talon.png Dragon's Talon Flesh Skewer.png Flesh Skewer
Poseidon's Charge.png Poseidon's Charge Valadium Spear.png Valadium Spear Illumite Spear.png Illumite Spear
Dread Fork.png Dread Fork Absinthe Fury.png Absinthe Fury Demon Blood Spear.png Demon Blood Spear
Terrarium Spear.png Terrarium Spear

Pre-Hardmode Boomerangs[edit | edit source]

Cold Front.png Cold Front Bent Zombie Arm.png Bent Zombie Arm Thorium Boomerang.png Thorium Boomerang
Magmatic Ricochet.png Magmatic Ricochet Danger Doomerang.png Danger Doomerang Granite Reflector.png Granite Reflector
Giant Glowstick.png Giant Glowstick Petal Bloom.png Petal Bloom

Hardmode Boomerangs[edit | edit source]

Geode Boomerang.png Geode Boomerang Titan Boomerang.png Titan Boomerang Climber's Ice Axe.png Climber's Ice Axe
Ship's Helm.png Ship's Helm Stone Sledge.png Stone Sledge Terrarium Hyper Disc.png Terrarium Hyper Disc
Ocean's Judgement.png Ocean's Judgement

Pre-Hardmode Flails[edit | edit source]

The Snowball.png The Snowball Whip.png Whip Magma Flail.png Magma Flail
Darksteel Mace.png Darksteel Mace Sparking Jelly Ball.png Sparking Jelly Ball

Hardmode Flails[edit | edit source]

Bone Flayer Tail.png Bone Flayer Tail Flesh Mace.png Flesh Mace Geode Smasher.png Geode Smasher
Mycelium Whip.png Mycelium Whip Lodestone Breaker.png Lodestone Breaker Ebony Tail.png Ebony Tail
The Sea Mine.png The Sea Mine The Juggernaut.png The Juggernaut Livewire Crasher.png Livewire Crasher
Berserker Breaker.png Berserker Breaker Glacior.png Glacior Mantis Shrimp Punch.png Mantis Shrimp Punch
Seven Seas Devastator.png Seven Seas Devastator

Pre-Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Drenched Dirk.png Drenched Dirk

Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Cursed Hammer (Weapon).png Cursed Hammer Schmelze.png Schmelze Spearmint.png Spearmint
Quake Gauntlet.png Quake Gauntlet

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Bows[edit | edit source]

Talon Burst.png Talon Burst Frost Fury.png Frost Fury Sandstone Bow.png Sandstone Bow
Steel Bow.png Steel Bow Stream Sting.png Stream Sting Thorium Bow.png Thorium Bow
Feather Foe.png Feather Foe Yew-Wood Bow.png Yew-Wood Bow Danger Dual-shot.png Danger Dual-shot
Bramble Shot.png Bramble Shot Darksteel Longbow.png Darksteel Longbow Champion's Trifecta-Shot.png Champion's Trifecta-Shot
Hemorrhage.png Hemorrhage Eternal Night.png Eternal Night

Hardmode Bows[edit | edit source]

Comet Crossfire.png Comet Crossfire Geode Longbow.png Geode Longbow Cinder String.png Cinder String
Cupid String.png Cupid String Flesh Bow.png Flesh Bow Valadium Bow.png Valadium Bow
Destroyer's Rage.png Destroyer's Rage Lodestone Bow.png Lodestone Bow True Hemorrhage.png True Hemorrhage
Illumite Longbow.png Illumite Longbow True Eternal Night.png True Eternal Night Glacial Sting.png Glacial Sting
Titan Bow.png Titan Bow Shu's Wrath.png Shu's Wrath Shadow Flare Bow.png Shadow Flare Bow
The Black Bow.png The Black Bow Terra Bow.png Terra Bow Berserker Bow.png Berserker Bow
Terrarium Longbow.png Terrarium Longbow Demon Blood Bow.png Demon Blood Bow Omni-Bow.png Omni-Bow
Quasar's Flare.png Quasar's Flare

Pre-Hardmode Repeaters[edit | edit source]

Ocean Crossbow.png Ocean Crossbow Granite Crossbow.png Granite Crossbow Darksteel Crossbow.png Darksteel Crossbow

Hardmode Repeaters[edit | edit source]

Durasteel Repeater.png Durasteel Repeater True Hallowed Repeater.png True Hallowed Repeater Demon Blood Crossbow.png Demon Blood Crossbow

Pre-Hardmode Guns[edit | edit source]

Frost Pelter.png Frost Pelter Shark Storm.png Shark Storm Harpy Pelter.png Harpy Pelter
Buccaneer's Blunderbuss.png Buccaneer's Blunderbuss Thorium Revolver.png Thorium Revolver Yew-Handled Flintlock.png Yew-Handled Flintlock
Slugger.png Slugger Energy Storm Bolter.png Energy Storm Bolter Hit Scanner.png Hit Scanner

Hardmode Guns[edit | edit source]

Cobalt Popper.png Cobalt Popper Palladium Sub-machine Gun.png Palladium Sub-machine Gun Mythril Pelter.png Mythril Pelter
Orichalcum Pelter.png Orichalcum Pelter Dragon's Gaze.png Dragon's Gaze Blood Belcher.png Blood Belcher
Bullet Storm.png Bullet Storm Armor Bane.png Armor Bane Lodestone Quick Draw.png Lodestone Quick Draw
Valadium Foe Blaster.png Valadium Foe Blaster Adamantite Carbine.png Adamantite Carbine Titanium Rifle.png Titanium Rifle
Vega Phaser.png Vega Phaser Tommy Gun.png Tommy Gun S. S. Devastator.png S. S. Devastator
Obliterator.png Obliterator Funggat.png Funggat Scorn.png Scorn
Spine Buster.png Spine Buster Freeze Ray.png Freeze Ray Trigun.png Trigun
Illumite Blaster.png Illumite Blaster DMR.png DMR Nova Rifle.png Nova Rifle
Mycelium Gattling Gun.png Mycelium Gattling Gun Rail Gun.png Rail Gun Trench Spitter.png Trench Spitter
Terrarium Pulse Rifle.png Terrarium Pulse Rifle Omni-Cannon.png Omni-Cannon

Pre-Hardmode Launchers[edit | edit source]

Marine Launcher.png Marine Launcher

Hardmode Launchers[edit | edit source]

Micro Launcher.png Micro Launcher Illumite Barrager.png Illumite Barrager Dread Launcher.png Dread Launcher
Launch Jumper.png Launch Jumper Terrarium Bomber.png Terrarium Bomber The Javelin.png The Javelin

Pre-Hardmode Others[edit | edit source]

Spud Bomber.png Spud Bomber Man Hacker.png Man Hacker Hydro Cannon.png Hydro Cannon
Webgun.png Webgun The Zapper.png The Zapper Thor's Hammer - Ranged.png Thor's Hammer - Ranged

Hardmode Others[edit | edit source]

Ogre Snot-Gun.png Ogre Snot-Gun Hand Cannon.png Hand Cannon Wyrm Decimator.png Wyrm Decimator

Magic Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Wands[edit | edit source]

Magik Staff.png Magik Staff Amber-Augmented Magik Staff.png Amber-Augmented Magik Staff Ice Cube.png Ice Cube
Gorgan Gaze Staff.png Gorgan Gaze Staff Eighth Plague Staff.png Eighth Plague Staff Thorium Staff.png Thorium Staff
Jungle's Wrath.png Jungle's Wrath Feather Barrier Rod.png Feather Barrier Rod Dark Wave.png Dark Wave
Spine Breaker.png Spine Breaker High Tide.png High Tide Inferno Staff.png Inferno Staff
Opal Staff.png Opal Staff Vessel Buster.png Vessel Buster Eel-rod.png Eel-rod
Shadowflame Wand.png Shadowflame Wand Petal Wand.png Petal Wand Bloodboil.png Bloodboil
Jelly Pond Wand.png Jelly Pond Wand Champion's Bomber Staff.png Champion's Bomber Staff Geyser Staff.png Geyser Staff
Light's Lament.png Light's Lament Particle Whip.png Particle Whip

Hardmode Wands[edit | edit source]

Orichalcum Staff.png Orichalcum Staff Palladium Staff.png Palladium Staff Mythril Staff.png Mythril Staff
Night Staff.png Night Staff Prism Staff.png Prism Staff Cobalt Staff.png Cobalt Staff
Frost Plague Staff.png Frost Plague Staff Borean Fang Staff.png Borean Fang Staff Titanium Staff.png Titanium Staff
Blood Clot Staff.png Blood Clot Staff Demon Fire Blast-Wand.png Demon Fire Blast-Wand Valadium Staff.png Valadium Staff
Lodestone Staff.png Lodestone Staff Chlorophyte Staff.png Chlorophyte Staff Adamantite Staff.png Adamantite Staff
True Bloodboil.png True Bloodboil Vile Spitter.png Vile Spitter Twin's Ire.png Twin's Ire
True Light's Lament.png True Light's Lament The Black Staff.png The Black Staff Ancient Spark.png Ancient Spark
Hallowed Staff.png Hallowed Staff Dread Staff.png Dread Staff Ancient Flame.png Ancient Flame
True Hallowed Staff.png True Hallowed Staff Terra Staff.png Terra Staff Wither Staff.png Wither Staff
Demon Blood Staff.png Demon Blood Staff Harbinger Surge Wand.png Harbinger Surge Wand Erupting Flare.png Erupting Flare
Lightning Staff.png Lightning Staff Ancient Frost.png Ancient Frost Berserk Soul Staff.png Berserk Soul Staff
Old God's Grasp.png Old God's Grasp Terrarium Sage Staff.png Terrarium Sage Staff Cat's Eye Great Staff.png Cat's Eye Great Staff
Northern Light.png Northern Light

Pre-Hardmode Magic Guns[edit | edit source]

Detached U.F.O. Blaster.png Detached U.F.O. Blaster

Hardmode Magic Guns[edit | edit source]

Crystal Phaser.png Crystal Phaser Bass Booster.png Bass Booster God Killer.png God Killer
Blackhole Cannon.png Blackhole Cannon Super Plasma Cannon.png Super Plasma Cannon

Pre-Hardmode Spell Tomes[edit | edit source]

Spell Book - Blizzard.png Spell Book - Blizzard Spell Book - Teeth.png Spell Book - Teeth Grave Buster.png Grave Buster
Spell Book - Wind Gust.png Spell Book - Wind Gust Dark Tome.png Dark Tome

Hardmode Spell Tomes[edit | edit source]

Spell Book - Time Gate.png Spell Book - Time Gate Dragon's Breath.png Dragon's Breath Spell Book - Stalagmite.png Spell Book - Stalagmite
Spell Book - Spores.png Spell Book - Spores Nuclear Fury.png Nuclear Fury Almanac of Agony.png Almanac of Agony

Pre-Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Charm.png Charm Confuse.png Confuse Dissolve.png Dissolve
Freeze.png Freeze Ignite.png Ignite Poison.png Poison
Siphon.png Siphon Pierce.png Pierce Energy Projector.png Energy Projector
Enchanter's Sword.png Enchanter's Sword Magic Conch.png Magic Conch Thor's Hammer - Magic.png Thor's Hammer - Magic

Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Hydromancer's Catalyst.png Hydromancer's Catalyst Dynasty War Fan.png Dynasty War Fan True Enchanter's Sword.png True Enchanter's Sword
Kinetic Knife.png Kinetic Knife Devil Dagger.png Devil Dagger Prismatic Spray.png Prismatic Spray
Harbinger Spear.png Harbinger Spear Harbinger Blade.png Harbinger Blade Harbinger Bow.png Harbinger Bow
Spectral Blade.png Spectral Blade Legacy.png Legacy Ancient Light.png Ancient Light
Teleologic Imposition.png Teleologic Imposition Devil's Claw.png Devil's Claw

Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Starfish Wand.png Starfish Wand Butterfly Staff I.png Butterfly Staff I Living Wood Acorn.png Living Wood Acorn
Meteor Head Staff.png Meteor Head Staff Hatchling Staff.png Hatchling Staff Meat Ball Staff.png Meat Ball Staff
Rosy Slime Staff.png Rosy Slime Staff Butterfly Staff II.png Butterfly Staff II Taboo Wand.png Taboo Wand
Prehistoric Amber Staff.png Prehistoric Amber Staff

Hardmode Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Butterfly Staff III.png Butterfly Staff III Ice Fairy Staff.png Ice Fairy Staff Mushymen Staff.png Mushymen Staff
Draconic Magma Staff.png Draconic Magma Staff Butterfly Staff IV.png Butterfly Staff IV Master's Libram.png Master's Libram
Corruptling Staff.png Corruptling Staff Crimson Hound Staff.png Crimson Hound Staff Lady's Light.png Lady's Light
Blood Feaster Staff.png Blood Feaster Staff Beholder Staff.png Beholder Staff The Butterfly Staff.png The Butterfly Staff
The Black Cane.png The Black Cane Enigma Rift Staff.png Enigma Rift Staff Corrodling Staff.png Corrodling Staff
Eye of Odin.png Eye of Odin Nebula's Reflection.png Nebula's Reflection Ember Staff.png Ember Staff

Pre-Hardmode Sentry Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Nano Clam Cane.png Nano Clam Cane Distress Caller.png Distress Caller Boulder Probe Staff.png Boulder Probe Staff
Misty Totem Caller.png Misty Totem Caller Windy Totem Caller.png Windy Totem Caller Fiery Totem Caller.png Fiery Totem Caller
Grounded Totem Caller.png Grounded Totem Caller

Hardmode Sentry Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Void Lance.png Void Lance Mortar Staff.png Mortar Staff

Pre-Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Barrier.png Enchanted Barrier Strange Skull.png Strange Skull

Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Meteor Barrier.png Meteor Barrier Honey Blade.png Honey Blade Hail Bomber.png Hail Bomber
Phantom Wand.png Phantom Wand Sacrificial Dagger.png Sacrificial Dagger Shadow Orb Staff.png Shadow Orb Staff
The Incubator.png The Incubator

Throwing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Throwing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Stone Throwing Spear.png Stone Throwing Spear Sandstone Throwing Knife.png Sandstone Throwing Knife Ocean Throwing Axe.png Ocean Throwing Axe
Severed Hand.png Severed Hand Steel Battleaxe.png Steel Battleaxe Sea Ninja-Star.png Sea Ninja-Star
Pod Bomb.png Pod Bomb Spike Bomb.png Spike Bomb Goblin War Spear.png Goblin War Spear
Aquaite Knife.png Aquaite Knife Bronze Throwing Axe.png Bronze Throwing Axe Granite Throwing Axe.png Granite Throwing Axe
Gauss Flinger.png Gauss Flinger Molten Knife.png Molten Knife Champion's God Hand.png Champion's God Hand

Hardmode Throwing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Fungal Popper.png Fungal Popper Morel Grenade.png Morel Grenade Eviscerating Claw.png Eviscerating Claw
Kunai.png Kunai Aphrodisiac Vial.png Aphrodisiac Vial Corrosive Vial.png Corrosive Vial
Nitrogen Vial.png Nitrogen Vial Durasteel Javelin.png Durasteel Javelin Chum.png Chum
Gas Container.png Gas Container Volt Tomahawk.png Volt Tomahawk Combustion Vial.png Combustion Vial
Venom Kunai.png Venom Kunai Legion Ornament.png Legion Ornament Hot Pot.png Hot Pot
Rocket Fist.png Rocket Fist Lodestone Javelin.png Lodestone Javelin The Cryo-Fang.png The Cryo-Fang
Valadium Battleaxe.png Valadium Battleaxe Spark Taser.png Spark Taser Titan Javelin.png Titan Javelin
The Black Dagger.png The Black Dagger Soul Cleaver.png Soul Cleaver Death Grip.png Death Grip
Lihzahrd Kukri.png Lihzahrd Kukri Bugenkai Shuriken.png Bugenkai Shuriken Soulslasher.png Soulslasher
Shade Kunai.png Shade Kunai White Dwarf Kunai.png White Dwarf Kunai Terrarium Ripple Knife.png Terrarium Ripple Knife
Tidal Wave.png Tidal Wave Deity's Trefork.png Deity's Trefork

Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Shade Dagger.png Shade Dagger Shade Kusarigama.png Shade Kusarigama

Radiant Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Radiant Weapons[edit | edit source]

Purified Water.png Purified Water Dark Scythe.png Dark Scythe Crimson Scythe.png Crimson Scythe
Pill.png Pill Life Quartz Claymore.png Life Quartz Claymore Bone Reaper.png Bone Reaper
Bountiful Harvest.png Bountiful Harvest Heretic Breaker.png Heretic Breaker Molten Thresher.png Molten Thresher
Aquaite Scythe.png Aquaite Scythe Poison Prickler.png Poison Prickler Life Disperser.png Life Disperser
Omen.png Omen Falling Twilight.png Falling Twilight Blood Harvest.png Blood Harvest

Hardmode Radiant Weapons[edit | edit source]

Midnight Staff.png Midnight Staff Iridescent Staff.png Iridescent Staff Tranquil Lyre.png Tranquil Lyre
Lil' Devil's Wand.png Lil' Devil's Wand Spell Book - Blood Transfusion.png Spell Book - Blood Transfusion Bone Baton.png Bone Baton
Spirit Bender's Staff.png Spirit Bender's Staff Heavenly Cloud Scepter.png Heavenly Cloud Scepter Spell Book - Holy Fire.png Spell Book - Holy Fire
Spell Book - Dark Contagion.png Spell Book - Dark Contagion Hallowed Blessing.png Hallowed Blessing Morning Dew.png Morning Dew
Titan Scythe.png Titan Scythe The Black Scythe.png The Black Scythe Hallowed Scythe.png Hallowed Scythe
True Hallowed Scythe.png True Hallowed Scythe True Falling Twilight.png True Falling Twilight True Blood Harvest.png True Blood Harvest
Illumite Scythe.png Illumite Scythe Demon Blood Ripper.png Demon Blood Ripper Dread Tearer.png Dread Tearer
Pill Popper.png Pill Popper Friendly-Fire Staff.png Friendly-Fire Staff Life and Death.png Life and Death
Terra Scythe.png Terra Scythe Celestial Burst Staff.png Celestial Burst Staff Christmas Cheer.png Christmas Cheer
Holy Hammer.png Holy Hammer Light Bringer's Warhammer.png Light Bringer's Warhammer Terrarium Holy Scythe.png Terrarium Holy Scythe
Reality Slasher.png Reality Slasher Lucidity.png Lucidity

Symphonic Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Brass Instruments[edit | edit source]

Gold Bugle Horn.png Gold Bugle Horn Platinum Bugle Horn.png Platinum Bugle Horn Bone Trumpet.png Bone Trumpet

Hardmode Brass Instruments[edit | edit source]

Trombone.png Trombone Cadaver's Cornet.png Cadaver's Cornet 24-Carat Tuba.png 24-Carat Tuba
Lihzahrd Saxophone.png Lihzahrd Saxophone Ghastly French Horn.png Ghastly French Horn Bassoon.png Bassoon

Pre-Hardmode Percussion Instruments[edit | edit source]

Antlion Maraca.png Antlion Maraca Drum Mallet.png Drum Mallet Tambourine.png Tambourine
Seashell Castanets.png Seashell Castanets Ebon Wood Tambourine.png Ebon Wood Tambourine Shade Wood Tambourine.png Shade Wood Tambourine
Bronze Tuning Fork.png Bronze Tuning Fork Bongos.png Bongos Aquamarine Wineglass.png Aquamarine Wineglass

Hardmode Percussion Instruments[edit | edit source]

Vinyl Record.png Vinyl Record Frostwind Cymbals.png Frostwind Cymbals Hell's Bell.png Hell's Bell
Wind Chimes.png Wind Chimes The Green Tambourine.png The Green Tambourine The Triangle.png The Triangle

Pre-Hardmode String Instruments[edit | edit source]

Skyware Lute.png Skyware Lute Yew-Wood Lute.png Yew-Wood Lute Sitar.png Sitar

Hardmode String Instruments[edit | edit source]

Riff Weaver.png Riff Weaver Acoustic Guitar.png Acoustic Guitar Violin.png Violin
Eskimo Banjo.png Eskimo Banjo Sunflare Guitar.png Sunflare Guitar Siren's Lyre.png Siren's Lyre
Rockstar's Double-Bass Blast Guitar.png Rockstar's Double-Bass Blast Guitar

Pre-Hardmode Wind Instruments[edit | edit source]

Wooden Whistle.png Wooden Whistle Flute.png Flute Harmonica.png Harmonica
Glacial Piccolo.png Glacial Piccolo Didgeridoo.png Didgeridoo Panflute.png Panflute
Forest Ocarina.png Forest Ocarina Meteorite Oboe.png Meteorite Oboe Honey Recorder.png Honey Recorder
Infernal Piccolo.png Infernal Piccolo Song of Ice & Fire.png Song of Ice & Fire

Hardmode Wind Instruments[edit | edit source]

Chrono Ocarina.png Chrono Ocarina Bagpipe.png Bagpipe Clarinet.png Clarinet
Vuvuzela.gif Vuvuzela

Pre-Hardmode Other Instruments[edit | edit source]

Microphone.png Microphone Conch Shell.png Conch Shell Granite Boom Box.png Granite Boom Box

Hardmode Other Instruments[edit | edit source]

Kazoo.png Kazoo Midnight Bass Booster.png Midnight Bass Booster
Hallowed Megaphone.png Hallowed Megaphone Shadowflame Warhorn.png Shadowflame Warhorn The Black Otamatone.png The Black Otamatone
Terrarium Autoharp.png Terrarium Autoharp Sonic Amplifier.png Sonic Amplifier Sound Sage's Lament.png Sound Sage's Lament

True Damage Weapons[edit | edit source]

Adventurer's Lantern.png Adventurer's Lantern Hex Wand.png Hex Wand Frost Burnt Tongue.png Frost Burnt Tongue
Bow of Light.png Bow of Light Mjölnir.png Mjölnir
Weapons (List):

Whirlpool Saber.png Melee weapons • Quasar's Flare.png Ranged weapons • Amber-Augmented Magik Staff.png Magic weapons  • Draconic Magma Staff.png Summon weapons • Bugenkai Shuriken.png Thrown weapons • Purified Water.png Radiant weapons • Bongos.png Symphonic weapons • Mjölnir.png True Damage weapons
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